• 15/04/2024 05:47

Ukrainian troops destroyed a naval mine in the Mykolayiv region

| this region.

About the cereal of the RBC-Ukrainian, the Zyskovo-Morski Sil for the forces of Ukraine.

“The special PIDRODIL of the ZS Khostrozka is smashed by the smell of the Main”,-I will have in the Vydomalenni.

It appears that in the Mykolayiv region the Pivdnya Defense Forces discovered a sea mine.

“The dangerous discovery was destroyed by the way of the controlled piracy,” the military added.

The Ukrainian military discovered a sea mine

Recently in the Odessa region, the Ukrainian military discovered a sea mine that had washed up on one of the beaches..

It was reported to Zhovtnya that before saving The village of Chornomorsk in the Odessa region was hit by a sea mine .

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