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Ukrainians caught at the border of Poland and Germany: SPRAVDI caught a damn fake

Ukrainian bIZHENTSIV NIBITOTE COSSE To whom the cordon is at the front to the front. However, this information turned out to be a blatant propaganda fake.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a message to the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security.

What was wrong?

During the past few days, social security agencies have increased information about Ukrainian refugees. There are also roadblocks on the Polish-German border that are blocking potential Ukrainian conscripts.

What happened in reality

As SPRAVDI explained, the roadblocks are not stopping the hundred-year march to Ukraine. Such security visits are associated with the influx of illegal migrants and the activity of smugglers in the borders of the EU countries.

As explained by the head of the press and information department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Ilarion Pavlyuk, The ministries do not release daily visits, which put pressure on military workers 'Yang Ukrainians who fled beyond the border.

Russian fakes and propaganda

Varto explain that the expansion of obviously untrue facts is loved by Russian propaganda on the right. In this way, the terrorist country is trying to destabilize the situation in other countries, or try to split the marriage.

As a matter of fact, intelligence has recently reported that Russia is preparing a hell of a hard information-psychological campaign against our country, the vikoryist topic of “presidential elections.”

Terms of reference are important. and information Read about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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