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Ukrainians may have the right to financial support if necessary: ​​what documents are required

So dozens of wives in Ukraine have become mothers – the country is promoting skin care for them. Social assistance is provided to pregnant and pregnant women and adopted children.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in a letter to the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.

Penny support is so they can be separated from their mothers, as if they were waving children themselves, wealthy families, children with disabilities and orphans.

The Ministry explained in detail who can withdraw help with vaginity and curtains, which is where you can apply for documents and prepare them.

Assistance with vaginity and curtains can be withdrawn:

    < li>students,
  • military service workers,
  • women released from work through the liquidation of the organization and established,
  • enterprises,
  • women who do not pay.

In these categories of women, the following payments are excluded:

  • students, graduate students, doctoral students, clinical residents – a monthly stipend,
  • < li>viyskovoservice – 100% penny security,

  • released from work in connection with the liquidation of the business – 100% of the average monthly income without work, unless registered in the employment center – 100% of the minimum assistance from work That's it
  • women don't work like that , and business – 25% of the monthly subsistence minimum.

Help with vagusness and canopies is assigned by the social protection authorities of the population at the place of residence or at the place of the main service, which concerns military women, police officers, and civil protection services.

Please remove Mati this kind of help, you need to submit a passport , code of the tax payer (IPN), a statement from the bank about the opening of a slot for withdrawal of social payments.

What is required:

  • application (form available upon request),
  • information about the medical upgrade (number of the entry in the Register of Medical Upgrades in the category “Vagitability and Pologies”).

And also one of these reports:

  • the main place of service or beginning – how a woman will serve or begins;
  • liquidation commission – how she is dismissed from work in connection with the liquidation of the enterprise;
  • employment center – yakscho the woman is registered in the employment center as unemployed.

As you may remember, we wrote earlier that you don’t have to pay for any kind of labor in Ukraine.

RBC -Ukraine also informed which herbs should not be used to savor the vagina.

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