• 28/05/2024 19:17

Ukrposhta has issued a charity block of Weapons of Victory stamps. Made in UA”

The block contains six stamps with the latest models of Ukrainian-made weapons. Donated 30 UAH will go to support the Security and Defense Forces.

Ukrposhta has released a charity block of stamps “Weapons of Victory. Charity issue Weapons of Victory. Made in UA” is already waiting for you in branches and philatelic stores, as well as online, Ukrposhta reports. ⠀</p>
<p>“Order a new product and a donation of 30 UAH will go to support the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine,” the message says. samples of Ukrainian-made weapons: ⠀</p>
<li>reconnaissance unmanned aerial complex Shark;</li>
<li>attack operational-tactical unmanned aircraft complex “February”;</li>
<li>one of the largest FPV -drones “Squadron”;</li>
<li>self-propelled artillery unit (SPG) “Bogdan”;</li>
<li>armored vehicle “Cossack”;</li>
<li>marine drone MAGURA V5.</li > </ul>
<p>The release was carried out with the assistance of the Ministry of Strategic Industries of Ukraine. ⠀</p>
<p>The circulation of the postal block is 120,000 copies. There are also postcards. Designers: Sergey and Alexander Kharuki. ⠀</p>
<p>“Weapon of victory. Made in UA” is the third issue of the series. In 2022 the “Weapon of Victory” was introduced, and in 2023 the “Weapon of Victory” was introduced. Peace with Ukraine.” </p>
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