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UN Security Council meeting: The United States exposed the Kremlin’s cunning plan and called out Putin’s bullies

US Mission to the UN John Kelly condemned large-scale shelling of Russian territory in Ukraine They called the light stop trying dictator Volodymyr Putin to save the country and its people.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this from its messages at the term of the meeting for the sake of UN Security.

The US representative called the organization organized by Russia two days ago absurd. date The UN Council, at any time, discussed the revolution of hatred and its impact on the situation in Ukraine.

Kelly calling it a cunning plan, the fragments of large-scale missiles were dismantled during the hourly meeting in Moscow the next blow to Ukraine.

< p>“In this manner, Russia showed respect for the security of its population, and was planning its biggest ever attack on Ukraine, its critical infrastructure before the beginning of an illegal large-scale invasion,” said the US representative.

Vin also responded to the president’s statement Joe Biden, on this occasion of the White House, calling the attack of the Russian Federation “we are guessing”, that Volodymyr Putin did not lose his goals to save Ukraine and said that there was no trace of it.

“We have turned to all members of the Radbez, obi stink “We came before us and most strongly condemned this new attack on localities and civil infrastructure throughout Ukraine,” said the US representative.

In his words, no matter how evil the Russians’ lie about “strikes against military targets” is, it does not result in ruins throughout the entire territory of the country, as well as thousands of innocent victims lost in the beginning of the war.

Largest-scale shelling of Ukraine From the beginning of the invasion of the Russian Federation

On Friday, the 29th, Russian zagarbniks dealt a major blow to Ukraine with the beginning of a full-scale war. The aggressor initially released kamikaze drones, and then fired missiles of various types, including hypersonic ones.

A total of 158 dangerous targets were released across Ukraine. The PPO forces were able to shoot down 114 objects – 27 attack UAVs “Shahed” and 87 missiles X-101/X-555/X-55.

Through the fall of tricks and the acquisition of missiles, in the lower regions of Ukraine civilians were killed and injured.

Ukraine initiated an emergency meeting for the sake of UN Security to discuss a large-scale shelling of the country.

US President Joe Biden issued a statement in which he decided to condemn the Russian attack l Ukraine. The head of the White House noted that Putin is trying to protect Ukraine and its people and encouragement that there is no trace of it.

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