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UP: GUR attacked the Russian radar complex “Container” in Mordovia

The distance from the Ukrainian border to the site of the destruction is about 680 kilometers.

UP: GUR attacked the Russian radar complex

The consequences of the attack are being clarified. The target was the 29B6 “Container” over-the-horizon radar, which has the ability to detect objects at a distance of 3000 km and an altitude of over 100 km.

Distance from the Ukrainian border to. the affected area is about 680 kilometers.

The two-dimensional over-the-horizon radar 29B6 “Container” is part of the reconnaissance and warning system for aerospace attacks. The Russians placed the first sample of the Container radar in the city of Kovilkino in Mordovia in 2000-2002.

Radar Container

Locals wrote on social networks about explosions around 9 am.

VIDEO on social networks pic.twitter.com/EzMWviLavv

— Ukrainian Truth ✌️ (@ukrpravda_news) April 17, 2024

The first attack on the over-the-horizon detection radar in Kovilkino was on April 11. According to Militarny, the building in which the command post was located was damaged as a result of the attack. meters.

In Russia they claimed that the Mordovian radar “Container” “reaches” a significant part of Western Europe, part of the Middle East and the waters of three seas. The Russians wanted to build several more such radars in order to cover a distance of up to 2000 km from the borders with their radar field, writes Defense Express.

  • This morning, Russian airports in three different cities suspended all flights due to security concerns. In the morning, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the downing of a drone. Typically, Russians claim that they successfully repelled attacks, even if this was not the case and their facilities were damaged.


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