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US airstrikes in Iraq limited Iran and militants' attacks, – Biden

Investigated attacks by the military forces of the States of America (USA) at the beginning of this year on targets in Iraq the boules are straight Iran is targeting Iran and Tehran-backed groups of militants are carrying out attacks on American personnel and facilities at the Close Meeting.

US President Joe Biden stated this, reports RBC-Ukraine via correspondence with Reuters.

“These strikes are intended to reduce and disrupt an ongoing series of attacks on Acquired States and our partners, as well as to target Iran and Iranian-backed militia groups from carrying out or encouraging further attacks on Acquired Personnel and facilities. ів”, – having said in Wednesday to his best efforts to the Congress.

The American President said that the United States is ready to make “further advances, if necessary, in order to thwart further threats and attacks.”

It was blowing too much

Guess what, on Monday, the 25th, the US Army struck targets of the Kataib Hezbollah group. This attack was in response to a drone strike on an American base in Iraq.

As a result of a drone attack by militants associated with Iraq, one American military serviceman was left in critical condition and two others were left in critical condition. the bullets were injured.

The situation at the Close Convergence

This situation arose due to the ongoing war between Israel and the Hamas group in the Gaza Strip, and escalation in the region. It is likely that the Iran-aligned factions in Iraq and Syria are opposing the IDF campaign in the Palestinian enclave, and are putting their weight on the United States through their support from the Israeli side.

The American military said that as a result of the strikes in Iraq, there “a number of fighters of Kataib Hezbollah” were killed and the targets that the group was victorious were destroyed.

It was previously reported that the Lebanese group Hezbollah decided to force attacks on military bases and the USA at the Close Gathering.

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