• 13/04/2024 14:07

US State Department: “The situation at the front is very serious”

The diplomatic service called on Congress to act to ensure that Ukraine receives more ammunition.

US State:

The US State Department in Ukraine is facing a shortage of ammunition, but is expecting that the Ukrainian army will demonstrate resilience.

At a press briefing, department spokesman Matthew Miller noted that Ukrainian soldiers do not have enough ammunition to deter Russian attacks. “They're fighting bravely and courageously. They're having to conserve ammunition because Congress hasn't been able to do its job,” Miller said. will succeed, as it did in the Black Sea, but it will be more difficult to do so without access to the necessary weapons, so President Biden is urging Congress to finally act.”

Miller is convinced that it is enough to bring the bill to support Ukraine to a vote – and it will be approved immediately. “This is their responsibility,” the speaker emphasized.

  • The day before, the State Department made a statement that Ukraine “could do more” to fight corruption.
  • Despite all the calls, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson still does not consider the Ukrainian issue a priority.


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