• 17/06/2024 19:32

Veterans can transfer to workers in the social sphere at no cost: where to go

Veterans, veterans and members of their homelands, as they joke to the robot, can go through the training without any harm woo specialty – social worker.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in a message to the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.

To find a new profession in the State Service of Employment Centers There are special free courses.

“The social sphere is an opportunity for veterans, veterans and members of their homelands, where you can provide support to those who require it. Even a social worker is not less than a doctor who can help with the program Employment Service moms, payments of financial assistance, free practical assistance and medical services. Ale people are endowed with empathy,” said Deputy Minister of Social Policy Ulyana Tokareva.

Following the words of the intercessor minister, it is important not to forget about social protection and social services, if you are talking about business development and practice.

” If a veteran or a veteran returns to civilian life, they become aware of reality and may understand how they are crumbling in the future. Social services will come in handy,” Tokareva said.

Guess what, before RBC. -Ukraine reported how make it easier for people to adapt after they return from the front.

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