• 13/04/2024 15:18

We are creating a new security architecture for Ukraine that will help in the long term – Zelensky

This is something that Ukraine never had, although it was always needed.

We are creating a new security architecture for Ukraine that will help in the long term - Zelensky today there are several preparatory meetings before planned significant meetings with partners , new agreements.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky spoke about this in his address.

“We are creating a new security architecture for our state, which will help not just here and now, but in the long term. And this is something that Ukraine has never had, although it was always needed,” the president emphasized.

He also instructed the Prime Minister of Ukraine to urgently talk with his Polish colleague about the border situation with Poland.

“We in Ukraine perceive as an obvious violation of the principles of solidarity what happened and continues in relation to our citizens and Ukrainian cargo. Ukrainian grain on the asphalt is not just a few dramatic shots. This is a testament to how emotions can become dangerous. We, despite everything, defend good neighborliness and solidarity, which change the history of all of Europe for the better. And we must, together with Poland, determine a common attitude, in particular, towards the import of Russian grain and other imports from Russia into the territory of European countries, in order to protect our societies and, in particular, farmers – both Ukrainian and Polish. And we must always agree among ourselves – Ukrainians and Poles – so that our common enemy in Moscow cannot start conflicts in our borders regarding the economy, the borders, and the sovereignty of each of us,” the head of state emphasized.

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Vladimir Zelensky also held a meeting with representatives of Ukrainian business, where they discussed what could give more confidence to business and the state.

There is a first block of solutions that will be proposed for consideration by the All-Ukrainian Economic Platform Made in Ukraine, and subsequently – by the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers. More protection for businesses from procedural violations and abuses. There are more opportunities to support “white” businesses and receive correspondingly more taxes. Add more efficiency to the Bureau of Economic Security,” the president said.

He emphasized that all government institutions should ultimately be reconfigured to help economic growth as much as possible. The time limits for decisions have also already been outlined.

“Report by Commander-in-Chief Alexander Syrsky and Minister of Defense Rustem Umerov. The situation at the front – Avdeevka, the east in general. We are doing our best to ensure that our soldiers have enough managerial and technological capabilities to save more Ukrainian lives,” the Supreme Commander-in-Chief assured, and noted that today he signed several decrees on new replacements in the Ukrainian Defense Forces.


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