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We are not involved in discussions with Russia, because there is a gap about the results of the rozm, – the head of the Ministry of Health of France

French Minister of Foreign Affairs Stephane Sejournet stated that after the recent Elnikh Ministries of Defense of France and Russia Paris is no longer involved in “discussions with Russian officials.”

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via France 24.

“Today it is not in our interests to discuss with Russian officials other persons , all the news that is published is nonsense,” Séjourne said in an interview with France 24.

Shoigu’s statement after his divorce with his French colleague and France’s reaction to it

I guess it’s the 3rd quarter of the year French Defense Minister Sebastian Lekornya telephoned Rozmov and the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Sergius Shoigu. This rosemova between the heads of the departments became the first priority since the beginning of 2022.

After the rosemau, Russia stated that Paris had never determined its readiness to conduct a dialogue with Moscow before Ukraine or to discuss possible peaceful negotiations. France unofficially rejected this statement.

In addition, the head of the defense department of the aggressor country, speaking about the terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall near Moscow, said that Ukraine “doesn’t do anything without praising its chickens.” atoriv”, and adding that “we believe that the French intelligence services are incomparable.”

French President Emmanuel Macron said that such comments from the Russian side “were truly surprising and threatening, and not at all new.”< /p>

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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