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What can we do to ensure a turning point for Ukraine at the front: thoughts of experts

A “technological breakthrough” can ensure Ukraine’s turning point at the front and strengthened mobilization. Even the lack of high-precision armor itself, as well as the trained and motivated special warehouse, does not allow the ZSU to protrude forward.

About this, the material from RBC-Ukraine “Reid” Sirsky and a new front. How Avdiivka changed the battlefield and the Russian Federation is preparing until the summer.”

Military expert Vladislav Seleznyov says that 2024 is not about the offensive of the ZSU, but about strategic defense and the accumulation of resources for the future.

< p>For these words, the Ukrainian tide requires what the great commander-in-chief of the ZSU Valeriy Zaluzhny has repeatedly said before. Thus, high-precision and long-range artillery, missiles, armored vehicles, equipment for destruction, electronic warfare techniques, drone systems, stable communications and verified intelligence information.

In this case, It is possible that there is no way to prevent a fracture from occurring around the elements. There are no miracles, but the blameless F-16s and long-range ATACMS missiles will not change the situation for good. Success on the battlefield can only be ensured by reinforcing everything that has been overreacted, synchronizing and stagnating overnight.

Military expert Oleksandr Kovalenko calls it all a “technological breakthrough.”

“We need more than enough ammunition, to be sure. And aviation, and a wide range of missiles, from long-range ATACMS and Taurus, to AGM-158 JASSM for F-16 pilots, and so on. Tanks, armored vehicles, electronic warfare systems – everything, what necessary for combat operations. And most importantly – a technological breakthrough. We are in a situation if only the side that can reach the technological breakthrough can change the course of the war. Russia will not have this, it does not have such a possibility. And Ukraine’s partners have an essential resource, “So everything should be stored with them,” – Rozpoviyov.

At the same time, one of the factors is the intentions and motivations of a special warehouse. Without strong mobilization, the fracture is impossible. However, in Seleznyov’s opinion, it is necessary to improve the information campaign.

“The current situation, as for me, was the legacy of the fact that no one took care of food properly. As a result, marriage immediately created an illusion, saying that the war would survive without us. fears appeared, like They are not in a hurry to be casual. In addition, about those, how adequate are the commanders, preparation and security. I do not want a systematic investigation campaign. Instead, I often sense horror stories, saying, worse than death near Avdiivka, nizh prats You are a barista in Rumunia. This is not the kind of motivation that spurs Ukrainians to fight,” said the expert.

Ammunition shortage in ZSU

It seems likely that the Ukrainian military is currently facing a shortage of artillery shells, which directly affects the situation at the front due to problems with the United States. Zokrema, recently the ZSU had a chance to withdraw from Avdiivka.

Prote assistance with shells attacked Ukraine from the European Union. At the beginning of the year 2023, the EU Rada praised the decision to provide assistance for Ukraine in the amount of one billion euros for large purchases of ammunition and missiles.

It was planned that the European countries would give Ukraine a million shells until 2024. However, the EU could not commit to the plan, so it will continue to work on it.

The Czech President Petr Pavel has confirmed that Prague has found 800 thousand shells for Ukraine behind the cordon, and otherwise it needs additional help From finance, so ensure these supplies.

Recently, Britain and Spain spoke about military support packages, before the artillery shells go out.

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