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What is due to the terrorist attack near Moscow IDIL and why Putin is pushing Ukraine: an expert’s thought

The terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall shopping center near Moscow could have been a grouping of ISIS. Ale dictator Volodymyr Putin and Russian propaganda do not waste the opportunity to call Ukraine.

About this in the commentary of RBC-Ukraine, the kerivnik of the Center for Military-Legal Investigations Oleksandr Musienko said.

“This is true IDIL, this is an attack by the terrorist organization “Islamic Power”. This is the only version today, as it seems, accepted by all odds. On the right, the US intelligence agency knew about those This terrorist attack is being prepared, and they are ahead of their own citizens in Russia, she, apparently, wanted to publicly inform the Russian authorities in such a manner what is being prepared,” said the expert.

Vin guessed that the US Embassy in Russia on the cob of birch called on the citizens to uniquely stingy people i Huge cities are alert to the threat of terrorist attacks.

“Putin, commenting on this statement, actually accused the United States of being a lie. p>In the expert’s opinion, the attack on the Crocus City Hall shopping center was not a Russian production, the remains of dictator Volodymyr Putin’s brutality were long prepared and laid out.

“This was really an attack by the Islamists, and they were not ready until now. The stinks (Russians, – ed.) are so obsessed with the war against Ukraine, which others did not directly see. IDIL himself voiced the war against Russia three times i – 2015 births, then 2018 and since the Russian Federation supported the “Taliban” in Afghanistan. Now everything will come to a conclusion, and, I think, only the beginning,” adding Vin.

As Musienko respects, Russia has the foundation for the development of Islam ist groups and the ruins, behind the scenes, through Putin’s hand in the war in Syria, the conflict in Chechnya and the grip of the Muslims.

Finally, Putin is pushing against Ukraine

Musienko said that Putin did not openly blame Ukraine for the terrorist attack, but repeated that some terrorists wanted to cross the cordon.

In which case the expert sings that Russian propaganda should not waste its power Call Ukraine.

“Vin (Putin, – ed.) having formed such a form so that the powerful, internal audience knows and weaves in the Ukrainian trace. And on the other hand, the United States, if necessary, without opening its arms, will give confirmation Jenny ( what the hell, – ed.) really shvidko,” said the expert.

Having added that the Kremlin cannot recognize the threat from the side of the grouping of IDIL, it remains highly respectful of the war against Ukraine.

What Putin said

Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin first commented Respecting the terrorist attack near the Crocus City Hall shopping center. He repeated that those who were not suspected of committing the terrorist attack wanted to flow into Ukraine, where a “vikno” had been prepared for them.

Guess what, the Russian security forces said that they had never looked into several issues related to the terrorist attack at the Crocus Network Holiday near Moscow. The next committee of the Russian Federation confirms that the criminals had few contacts in Ukraine and were planning to cross the border.

Representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Andriy Yusov, commenting on RBC-Ukraine, will counter the FSB statements and say that Russia This regime wants to attract the “Ukrainian trace”.

Varto add that today's Russians called the citizens of Tajikistan for the terrorist attack, and then the Russian Federation declared that all the people were Russians.

What is known about the terrorist attack

Evenings on Friday, 22 February In the town of Krasnogirsk near the Moscow region, a number of armed men in camouflage carried out a shooting in the Crocus City Hall shopping center. According to the Russians, after the attack, over 100 people died.

Earlier, ZMI said that the terrorist attack was organized by a group of ISIS. Others wanted to simply release this information.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine called the terrorist attack a planned and deliberate provocation of the Russian special services at the behest of dictator Volodymyr Putin.

Terminova important information about the war against Russia Read Ukraine on the channel RBC-Ukraine on Telegram.

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