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What is the real threat to Russia’s attack on Kharkov: what to say in the ZSU

There are no threats for Kharkov from the side of the Russian occupiers. In today's war, it is impossible to accommodate the movement of forces and personnel.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this in a letter sent to the speaker of the Ground Forces ZSU Volodymyr Fiyo on the “Espresso” broadcast.

“Number of Russian troops “, who are on the outside cordon, it is clear. The war is going on in such an “online”, and it is practically impossible for both sides to achieve the transfer of forces and individuals,” said Fityo.

According to the words of the speaker of the Ground Forces, today the border cordon is being strengthened, the cordon is being re-engineered, and the forces and facilities for this are being strengthened. There is no threat from Kharkov’s side tonight.

What is the situation on the border with Ukraine

At the beginning of a large-scale invasion, Russia entered the territory of Ukraine, including Belarus. The same terrorists destroyed parts of the Kiev, Chernihiv and Sumy regions. Later, our soldiers deoccupied these territories.

As confirmed by the commander of the United Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergei Naev, on the territory of Russia there is a growing grouping of 20 thousand people. Or to steadily conduct reconnaissance and shelling of border areas. Zokrema is actively increasing its engineering and fortification capabilities.

At this time, at the Belarusian cordon, in addition to the border service units, around 1800 people are being collected at the cordon warehouse. other forces.

Based on data from Ukrainian intelligence , apparently before the rise of terrorists, Russia is forming corrals around the special warehouse of the border service of the FSB to strengthen the cordon with Ukraine.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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