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What problems do Ukrainian refugees face in Romania: internment

Romania is giving temporary protection to 145 thousand Ukrainians. After two years of war, many of them suffer from material difficulties and problems with integration.

What are the greatest needs of Ukrainian refugees in Romania, RBC-Ukraine reveals from reports on Romania- insider.com.

The humanitarian organization Save the Children Romania conducted a study of Ukrainian refugees in Romania before their current problems and problems. Most respondents indicated that they do not plan to leave the country, and those who have such intentions will prioritize their children’s education and integration needs.

Among the greatest needs, Ukrainians named payment for apartment rent and utilities (74%), medicine and bathing (54%), clothes and food (43%), household items (39%) and food ( 32%).

Based on the results of the survey, 93% of respondents live in rented apartments or cabins, less than 3% live in government accommodation centers, and 2.4% live in private houses without rent.

Less than 10% of respondents can satisfy all their basic needs. Most fathers have admitted that they cannot meet all their basic needs, but they are trying to provide the necessities for their children for a pittance.

At the time of the survey, 62% of respondents were not working, 17% had small contracts in Romania, and 11% were working remotely in companies outside the country. At the same time, 7% worked without an employment contract. The main reasons for unemployment were the lack of knowledge of the Romanian language (65%) and the need to care for a family member (54%).

Schools and kindergartens in Romania account for 12% of Ukrainian children, 49.5% start in the Ukrainian system of distance learning, 19% start in both countries. At the same time, 10% follow the Ukrainian format of learning in Romania, and 8% do not follow the same form of learning. For children who do not learn in Romanian schools, the main problem is not knowing the language (71%).

Over half of respondents (54%) indicate the importance of the availability of medical services.

It is likely that we wrote that in the spring, Ukrainians began to move more from Romania. One of the reasons was the cessation of social payments.

We also learned from which countries the largest number of Ukrainian refugees returned. 46% of their homelands returned from Romania to Ukraine.

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