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What to do if the vessels are flooded: an algorithm for action for the sake of a lawyer

The situation, if the neighbors are flooded, or the communication booth is out of order, may skin How not to get ruined and act correctly, having wasted in unforeseen circumstances?

How to work in such situations and how to achieve the recovery of pennies for earnings, RBC-Ukraine reveals the advice of the law office of Tetyan Danilenko.

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Flood the vessels: what to do first

To begin with, know who exactly will drown you: the vessels will burn and the vessels will pile up on top of everything. And perhaps, the little booth started flowing. If it is possible to reveal the guilt of the person, then further actions will be held against you and this person or others.

For various reasons, the neighbors don’t open the door, don’t make contact, or they are completely confused, or you can’t establish it properly, the signs themselves fill your veins, and you won’t be able to turn around until your booth is balanced (OSBB, when private or municipal management company).

A representative of one of these organizations, at a minimum, can fix the animal and as quickly as possible turn off the water in the water booth (or on a specific riser), after which you know the power of the water supply, which may be the source of food. There are no problems with removing the excess.

< em>Regain respect. Removal of surpluses is the difference between you and the culprit of flooding. If you are flooded by neighbors, then the head of the OSBB or the head of the ZhEDu will not be bothered. The stench may be more difficult to understand than the final act about the beatings and put in the new reason and dzherel of the flood. Representatives of a consumer service organization can act as mediators in a serious conflict, otherwise they don’t have to do everything for you.

From the vessels it became clear. Why bother if there’s a leak in the house?

Often, in large apartment booths, the cause of flooding may be flooding due to outside cleaning, such as the booth, communications, placements in the outside hallways, as indicated by the service organization.

Photo: For the beginning, it is necessary to z'yasuvati, who exactly will drown you. And sleep away from this people (Getty Images)

Therefore, it is necessary to control the nutritional status of a reliable act of flooding for the most important reasons. Sometimes there are situations when service organizations, realizing their own competence, try to ignore the established act or do not clearly indicate the reason for the failure and the fact that the report itself has become so.

Here we are no longer talking about the negligence of the pipes or the filthiness of our plumbing. In this regard, the service organization itself confirms that the flooding of the flooded apartment can be cleared of the flooded apartment.

Therefore, it is considered necessary to file a report or delay the procedure , Raju will respond to a special hotline for your locality and information about the problem : 1551, which is Kiev (the skin has its own), the water utility and to the organization that is subordinated to the service organization of the booth, to the butt, which is the ZhED, then I will go to the control center of the UZHG district in which it is located tashovana. This is a legal entity that is subordinated to the railway.

If you don’t want to, you can put the act together in the self-pushing booth, record the damage in a photo and video, and ask an independent expert to determine the cause of the leak. That's all, in a distant camp from the gods, because on the right you won't find your best in a voluntary order and will go to court.

How to withdraw money without going to court

If the leakage of water did not occur due to the fault of the vessels, but, for example, through old internal communications, then your claims (as well as the claims of other affected vessels) must be addressed in balance muvachu, who is responsible for the maintenance of these measures.

Simpler than they seem , all the problems that arose before the installation of the treatment unit on the water are determined by the balancing device, and other problems are determined by the water supply of the residential area. If there is a problem with water leakage, the owner of the apartment has been flooded, contact an expert who has special knowledge of this problem and can determine the exact cause of the flooding.

How to proceed take the charges in court

Flooding situations are regulated by the Civil Code of Ukraine (CCU), the Civil Procedural Code of Ukraine, the Housing Code and the Law of Ukraine “On Housing and Utilities Services”. take away the material harm from the star If the apartment is flooded, then the dispute will have to comply with the court order.

< em>Photo: It is possible to regulate nutritional compensation for flooding without going to court (colage RBC-Ukraine)

In order to make it possible to resolve in court the material damage left behind by the flooding, it is necessary to record this fact .

For this purpose:

  • record the damage in the photo or video;
  • go back to the balance service (ZhED, OSBB or ZhBK), which services your cabin. As a rule, they are indicated on receipts for payment of utility services;
  • a complete application to the service organization, please submit it not only orally, but also in writing, and save another example for yourself;
  • The warehouse commission is an act on the flooding of the apartment, which may indicate the nature of the flooding, its reasons, the damage caused, the flow of dirty speeches, the obligations of necessary repairs. For this purpose, look around the area, which is the “epicentre” of the apartment(s) that was flooded. The act may be signed by the injured party and the guilty party. Once you have signed the act, the act is read to the owner of the apartment, which has become flooded, and all members of the committee can write a letter to record the signed act. It is better to record this idea on video, so that the court does not blame the fact that the ruler, who may remove harm, does not know about the fact of flooding for that reason.

The court also needs to confirm the actual amount of the damages incurred. For this purpose, to reach a clear expert conclusion, or an expert to carry out a thorough technical expert investigation, the results of which can determine the reasons for the size of the damage caused by the floods of the apartment.

Expert nada there is a costly rozrakhunok vartosti robіt or zvіt about the importance of the ongoing repair and maintenance work that must be carried out, as well as a careful note about the size of the damaged object, after the flooding of the object of inaudibility. This document must be submitted before the application is called and submitted before the court.

Delivery to station. 23 of the Central Code of Ukraine, you have the right to remedy the moral harm inherited from the violation of your rights. Moral harm occurs in mental as well as physical suffering in connection with poverty and damage to one’s life. Moral harm is manifested by sins, in one way or another.

Photo: To go to court, you need to take all the evidence of the sale of cash (Getty Images)

How many pennies can be sued

The size of the penny deduction is determined according to the nature of the offense, the depth of physical and mental suffering, the deterioration of the patient’s health, to the butt, after a painful experience in the desert, in addition to mold, singing inefficiencies in the koristuvannah life.

Yakscho If moral ill-health is associated with deterioration in health, then it may be documented that there is a causal-hereditary connection with a given concept. This is a chronic illness (for example, diabetes or hypertension) in which nutrition is not important.

The best proof is a medical document, which clearly indicates that the cause of the illness, the negative factors that affect the health and the very distress of the patient’s stay in unfriendly minds of living (increased humidity in the apartment, there is no mold, there will be no mold, there will be no mold, etc.).

The court also determines the level of guilt of an individual, as a result of moral wrongdoing and determines its extent. To effectively protect your interests in court, it is better to contact a lawyer who is qualified to help you deal with the legal consequences of the court’s decision and its decision.

Ale so as not to waste time and the mother in her arms is necessary for Submitting evidence before the court to properly record the fact of flooding. In this case, such legal documents are subject to a legal statute of limitations established by the legislator for the increase of essential foods – 3 years from the moment of filing. Therefore, if you have not managed to ensure that food production is done in a voluntary manner, you can go to court to resolve the dispute until the statute of limitations is released.

It seems that thousands of people were destroyed through Russian aggression Projects of indestructibility throughout Ukraine, often without a life lost the whole homeland. The lawyer explained to RBC-Ukraine how to insure apartments against “influxes” and how to ensure living conditions during the hour of war.

It also became clear how to take money for housing repairs from the 2024th generation.

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