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What to do if you stumbled under the rubble at the same time as a child: a report from the DSNS

As people stumbled under the rubble together with the child, it is necessary to follow the chanting rules. It is important to keep calm and encourage the child to grow up.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine in a message sent to the Ministry of Nutrition for Reintegration of the urgently occupied territories of Ukraine.

In The Homeland explained that the UN Children's Fund's representation in Ukraine and the DSNS are glad that the first thing you need to do is jump over everything so that the child is not injured. Then I need help to calm down.

“For example, hug or take your hand. Also ask the little ones to breathe together with you deeply and completely,” says a representative from the Ministry of Reintegration. ї.

Yes There was no water under the rubble, you need to ask the child to rub the mucus in her mouth and squeeze out the lint, otherwise she will chew and roll. This will also help you calm down.

When a child is alone under the rubble

In such situations, it is necessary to call him to understand that the child has a child. It is also necessary to ask the child about her self-awareness.

“Consistently encourage connections with her: discover different stories and guess the happy moments. Switch over to help with “Let’s go,” the Fakhivtsy added.

How many people suffered during the war in Ukraine

The UN informed that due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, more than 10.5 thousand people died, at least 20 thousand were injured.

Also, the UN commission collected up to Danish evidence serious destruction and international crimes, including military crimes and potentially crimes against humanity, committed by the Russians in the temporarily occupied territories. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine signified the shocking nature of the highest UN commission.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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