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What's happening in Avdiivtsi and why has it become Putin's obsessive idea?

The situation in Avdiivtsi is approaching critical. The Russians are advancing from several sides and are trying to break through to the Russian oblivion, the Ukrainian soldiers are steadily repelling the assaults.

A report about those that are found on the approaches to Avdiivka and in the very place that it has become an obsessive idea of ​​Volodymyr Putin and what will be observed in the coming years – from the material of RBC-Ukraine.

< em>During the preparation of the material, the following sources were used: information to the General Staff, data from analysts at the Institute of Warfare (ISW) and the DeepState project, stated by the speaker of the 47th brigade “Magura” Dmitry Lazutkin, head of the Avdiivska Misko and the military-communal administration of Vitaly Barabash, Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin, comments expert Vladislav Seleznyov

  • Russia advances from day to day. What to expect near Avdiivka
  • What threats may Ukrainian defenders face
  • It’s a compelling idea. When Putin arrives to record the massacre from Avdiivka
  • What is known about the offensive capabilities of the Russian Federation and then Avdiivka stands

Russia advances from day to day. What to expect near Avdiivka

Analysts talk about the partial successes of the Russian troops near Avdiivka, although there may be no official data from this drive. The General Staff of the ZSU has more information about how the Defense Forces are pushing the enemy, which does not fail to try to clear the place.

“Our soldiers are steadily defending the defense, paying significant costs to the occupiers,” they say from the General Staff, adding that over the past year, Ukrainian forces have defeated over 40 hostile attacks in the areas of Novobakhmutivka, Stepovoy, Avdiivka, Tonenky, Severny, Pervomaisky and Nevelsky.

DeepState analysts report Russian assaults on the day and night of Avdiivka. On the outskirts there is a hole in the side of the car. On the way out there was a raging battle for the leather booths near Pervomaisky. The occupiers are transferring additional resources here to gain a foothold in the villages.

The American Institute of Warfare (ISW) has information about the passage of Russians along the H-20 Slovyansk-Mariupol highway on the other side of Avdiivka. Judging from the maps, this area may be attacking from the side of Kamyanka or on the day of the garden partnership “Vineyards”.

The so-called “Z-military kory” confirms that the occupiers have just come through. Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Plant (AKHZ) on the outskirts of the village of Stepove. Dmitry Lazutkin, head of the communications service for the 47th brigade of the ZSU Magura, will speak up. In other words, the line to the front of the anode shifts by 50-100 meters, but there are no network changes.

“This requirement is taken seriously and understood, so that they cannot stop trying to cut through logistics. Through Stepov, through Berdychi, we were not able to make money, we were not able to go to the Avdiivsky Chemical Plant, because they were found there,” – the note and in the ether of one From TV channels.

It is also true that on the outskirts of Avdiivka, the enemy is wasting people and equipment, not entering in columns, but is attacking with armored infantry fighting vehicles in support of artillery, and attacking with ceramic aerial bombs. In his words, the expenditures of the Russian army exceed the Ukrainian ones 10 times, and those of technology – even more.

Positional battles are also affecting the area of ​​​​the Tsar's Hunt restaurant on the outskirts of Avdiivka. Lazutkin points out that every day it becomes more and more important to defend a place and immediately the defense forces are entering a phase that will require a high concentration and keratinity on the place. Military expert, senior riverman of the General Staff Vladislav Seleznyov explains the magic of leakage.

“This is due to the fact that the Russians actually have a total superiority in manpower, technology and the artillery force. Plus, the aviation component is actively being researched,” says RBC-Ukraine commentator.

What are the threats? Ukrainians may shut up zakhishniki

Two years ago, Russian bastards tried to gain a foothold in the living oblivion in the modern part of Avdiivka. Occupiers, of course, are still on many streets in the private sector. There are a few words about the area on the street from the “Tsar's Hunt” – Soborna Street and adjacent to it. These are moving places, and these buildings are already under Russian control.

“Battles are fought over the skin. For battles, the necessary preparations and assault corrals are well-established. The conduct of such battles is highly respected. Those who are not ready to talk about our capabilities, but those who will steadily fight the enemy on our behalf sources with artillery, mortars and aviation, that's a fact. The main point, as many experts point out, is that only one can go into extreme oblivion, the situation can become critical. So far, nothing has happened, but the trends are alarming,” says Drake ov.

< /em>

At night, Russians will not stop planning to reach the village of Khimik. I think that this burial could become a key episode that will significantly strengthen the defense of Avdiivka. Prote, according to the expert, the situation was no less dangerous on the other side.

“I am forrofing at those, I can get rushed to the area of ​​the Rosiyani restaurant. Syudi strokes to the road, the head of the logstic road is known. And Bagatopovleov Zabudov is to be in the 9th quarter of it,” /p>

Also, the occupiers could often invade the area of ​​private dachas. The road to the Avdievsky garrison is just over a half a kilometer away, which poses a threat to coke producers, and may also lead to the loss of the plant’s defense line due to a blow to logistics. According to the data of journalist Andriy Tsaplienko, the Russians were speeding up the weather, an impossibly clear aerial reconnaissance and somehow broke through to a place on the side of the quarry.

“The Viyskovs, with whom I spoke, have been reconciled, what is enough to send to increased good preparation before the battle in the reserve area, and the leak can still be liquidated,” indicating the vin.

In his words, a number of people managed to neutralize the spill near the Tsar’s Hunt area in this manner. There is food for those who have reserves in the Defense Forces for reinforcement. The head of the local administration, Vitaly Barabash, confirms that the Russians managed to go to the dacha area on the outskirts, rather than get into Avdiivtsi itself.

“It's good to dry out History of street fighting in Avdiivtsi I don’t confirm the information. Those who came to the dacha area, which is the place, – so. But there’s no mistaking, there’s no streets of the place,” said Vin.

Photo: Russians are advancing in the evening at AKHZ and in the area of ​​​​the quarry, we went to pivnichnye dachas, but there are still no street battles (google.com/maps)

Vladislav Seleznyov calls the prospects for storming AKHZ a fatal right for the enemy. On this territory, massive buildings have become concrete, and underground communications allow the Defense Forces to move secretly.

“No matter how many times the enemy tried to attack AKHZ, it didn’t work out. However, they still try to take the defenders as soon as they can, having cut the supply, which will lead to a lot of crisis stories. We remember 'Let's hide the history of the defense of great enterprises at Mariupol, if they were in full edema, and we remember how it ended. Obviously, since AKHZ will be edema, it is hardly possible to talk about the strengthening of the position during the last three hours. I think that Tsaplienko is telling that o important within the framework of counterattacks “We will raise the advanced assault corrals of the Russian Federation in order to stabilize the situation,” indicating the fault of the Russian Federation.

It’s a compelling idea. Putin will come to record the animal husbandry from Avdiivka

Unconcerned with the partial successes of the Russian army, “Z-military anchors” are far from euphoric. Zokrema, as the members of the Telegram public say, the Armed Forces of Ukraine preserve not only the ability to defend, but also to counterattack. Nowadays, those who buried Avdiivka have really become an obsessive idea do not want Volodymyr Putin to say.

“One of the most important directions in which military actions are going on at once is Avdiivka. Group “veterans” ahead of our personnel troops overtook them, broke through the defenses and reached the outskirts of Avdiivka. They buried 19 Budynkas and are taking them away,” he said on the 31st day.

The anonymous Telegram channel “Kremlin snuffbox” writes about Putin’s plans ahead of the tough elections to recapture Donetsk. One of the leaders of the so-called “DPR” Denis Pushilin has already rejected the signal about the preparation of the visit “on the greatest level.”

It is reported that Putin wants to record the massacre against the backdrop of incoming technology from the basements of Avdiivka. The dictator is convinced that a lot of “NATO armor” is stored in the basements of the coke plant, including tanks and armored vehicles. In connection with this year, it is important to speed up the burial of Avdiivka until the first days of the year. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and the commander of the occupying forces Valery Gerasimov were informed of an urgent request, write the channel.

Vladislav Seleznyov doubts that Putin is actually planning a trip to record at video.

“We are already careful in the food supply of the military safety. Do not forget that during the two years of the war we visited the headquarters of the Russian grouped army, involved in the so-called “SVO”, near Rostov. Once again at Mariupol, on Ara Father's shooter, and that's all “, – indicating vin.

In this case, Avdiivka's presence in the lead-up to the elections is extremely important for Putin.

“Avdiivka is media highlighted. ID control to create a halo of victory for the Russian army. The remains of the remaining large-scale successes of the army reached in Soledar and Bakhmuti,” the expert said.

What is known about the offensive capabilities of the Russian Federation and Avdievka

As US intelligence stated, from the beginning of the assaults near Avdiivka to Zhovtniya and the camp in the middle of the chest, the Russians spent about 13,000 people here. Over the past month, the head of the military intelligence service of Ukraine, Kirilo Budanov, stated that the numbers have increased significantly today. And in a recent interview with CNN, he announced “months” of war, adding that the Russian offensive will soon end and the opportunity will open for the Ukrainian.

Expert Vladislav Seleznyov estimates that there are approximately 40 thousand Russians in the Avdiivka area. Moreover, for a few months ago, approximately the same figure was called. And this means that, regardless of real expenses, reinforcement will be found. Naturally, the enemy will continue to run out of resources, but for the sake of great potential it is unlikely to increase the enemy’s drainage. Hire until spring.

“What General Budanov is saying is that until the beginning of the war, we still have enough resources to continue the offensive. At this point, we have limited resource capabilities,” says RBC-Ukraine.

Nearest At this very moment, the situation in Avdiivtsia is significant.

“We are more aware of the resources available to us. About the possibilities of the Ukrainian military for information in certain areas We don’t know. Ale mi bachimo, like commanders Oleksandr Tarnavsky and Oleksandr Sirsky are complaining about the shortage of artillery shells. I think that in some other positions we also have a shortage, which is spilling onto the battlefield. For such minds, making predictions on the level of “we are holding everything together, we will get everything,” is probably not a good idea. Because you can fight against tanks with your bare hands, but the result of such a standoff is obvious… I think the enemy understands that we don’t have enough resources, so the left part of its forces will go straight to Avdiivka,” added Seleznyov.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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