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Why does Poland raise the blame in the face of Russian attacks on Ukraine, rather than “turn on” PPO

Under the hour of Russian missile attacks on Ukraine, F-16s regularly fly over Poland, and typevryana The defense is put on combat readiness. Until now, there have never been any missiles shot down that were destroying the vast expanse.

About those, Poland is constantly lifting the sky into the sky, which is why rockets are not shot down, but they really might want to cover the approaching missiles frequently lasti, – y materials from RBC-Ukraine.

During the preparation of the material, the following was taken into account: the statement of the Operational Command of the Armed Forces of Poland, the statement of President Andrzej Duda and other Polish officials, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kulebi and the Speaker of the Military Forces Illy Yvlash, publications from Rzeczpospolita, Defense Express, comments from experts Kostiantyn Kryvolap and Valery Romanenko.


  • “The smell of war.” The culprits are raising the news over Poland
  • At least three incidents. Why Poland doesn’t shoot down missiles in its sky
  • Why does Poland cover the outlying regions of Ukraine

“The smell of war.” The vigilantes are raising the news over Poland

Combat aircraft over Poland rose at least five times over the past month in response to Russian missile attacks on Ukraine. For example, the 6th quarter, if drones and missiles attacked Odeska, Poltava, Cherkaska, Kiev, Khmelnitsk and other regions. Or 19th quarter, if Russia, among other things, hit with Kh-101/Kh-555 and Kh-22 missiles against strategic aircraft from the Ryazan region, as well as the waters of the Black and Azov Seas.

And during the hour of the Russian attack on the night before the 27th century, Poland’s daughters raised their guilt. Then the winged missiles and “Kinjals” flew through the center of Ukraine and turned towards the approach direction. It was reported about surges in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, as well as possible surges in the Zhytomyr, Khmelnitsky and Ternopil regions. Vibukha was noticeable near Lviv, and according to the local authorities, missiles of various types hit Stry (Lviv region). As Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk stated, one of them fell 15 km from the Polish border.

The Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces at Microblozia X published a standard explanation. Zokrema, the blame rose in the air due to the “intensive activity of long-range aviation of the Russian Federation, associated with missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine.” Residents were warned that the work of Polish and allied aircraft “can lead to an increase in noise levels, especially in the rainy part of the country.”

It is noteworthy that in early reports there was talk about two flights Polish and American couples F -16 from air bases near Krzesinach and Laska (Lodin Voivodeship). The latest publications of the Operational Command do not have such data.

Photo: Poland raises F-16 in the face of Russian strikes in Ukraine, so that missiles can fire more efficiently (gov.pl)

Minister of Defense Vladislav Kosiniak-Kamish spoke about a strict algorithm for the occurrence of massive Russian attacks on Ukraine. Within this framework, Polish and allied F-16s are selected, and all missile and anti-missile capabilities are activated.

“There is a whole algorithm of actions, descriptions of such a situation… We have established a system of connections… we are constantly informing the community about this activity and for this information the Operational Command provides,” explaining in the fierce broadcast of Radio Zet.

The same situation with the military aviation in Poland was previously commented on by the Ukrainian military forces. The current speaker, Yuriy Ignat, noted that, perhaps, the southern regions sense the “smell of war” and understand that there is a threat and that it is necessary to react to it accordingly.

The aircraft rise into the sky ahead of us in order to clearly identify missile fields at low altitude, explains aviation expert Valery Romanenko.

“Ground radars are here, and here they are not. They (over Poland, – ed. ) AWACS distant radar aircraft are flying, firing missiles all hour long. If the missile turns towards a Polish place, then AWACS, roughly speaking, will just say, “Hold on, because you can fly in right away.” – rozpov vin.

It is significant that the massive attacks on our country raised aviation levels not less than in Poland. Thus, on the 10th, during the attack of the “martyrs” in the Odessa region, alarm was struck in the border Romanian districts of Tulcea and Galati, and from the base of Feteshti the F-16s of the Viysk-insurgent forces of Turecchyny flew in for the sound missions in the national windy expanse.”< /p> At least three incidents. Why Poland doesn’t shoot down rockets in its sky

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war, missiles have destroyed the vast expanse of Poland several times. In the opinion of President Andrzej Dudi, this provocative demonstration of force on the side of Moscow risks igniting a wider war.

“We have a lot of doubts that these Russian provocations… if the missile enters our country is easy p, then it expands and goes to Ukraine,” he said in an interview with The New York Times recently.

Until now, NATO forces have not attempted to overcome the Russian missiles, and there are concerns that such actions could lead to an attack on Polish territory, causing destruction and human casualties. Today there are at least three episodes of missiles destroying the vast expanse of Poland.

Photo: Polish President Andrzej Duda calls incidents with Russian missiles a provocation of Moscow (Getty Images)

In mid-2022, an X-55 missile crashed near the town of Bidgoszcz, 450 km from the border with Ukraine. Moreover, they marked them 60 km from the Helm area, brought the PPO to advanced readiness, raised the vinishuvach, but did not knock it down. The tricks at the forest were revealed by local residents, and officially Warsaw has not known for two years what a Russian missile is.

At the end of 2023, another missile destroyed the vast expanse of Poland. For an hour, the anti-aircraft defense systems followed it, then the missile disappeared from the radar. According to the newspaper Rzeczpospolita, rumors were raised about the rally near the town of Zamość – between it and the Ukrainian cordon. Years ago, the military stated that it could have been a missile Kh-22 or Kh-101, which turned towards the territory of Ukraine.

This incident is significant, not just a demonstration of force, writing the Ukrainian profile portal Defense Express. There were fragments about the flight of the missile in the area of ​​military bases, like the victorious armored forces of the United States and Germany. On the right, near the villages of Komarów and Wółka Labunska in the Zamość region, the German Patriot air defense system was fired up from the beginning of 2023 until the leaves fell. It turns out that a Russian missile flew in that area a month after Patriot completed the war.

Such actions on the side of Russia could not just be a pity, but also a direct breakdown to increase the degree of tension and practical on exploring the feasibility of anti-virus defense the edges of NATO, analysts said.

France 24 February 2024, under the hour of a massive attack, one of the Russian winged missiles again flew into the airspace of Poland, stayed there for 39 seconds and set off on a return course towards Lvov. As Defense Minister Vladislav Kosinyak-Kamish stated, the missile was not shot down because “it did not directly reach any critical objects on the territory of the country.” The loss of the missile could be “a risk for the local population,” explained the spokesman for the Operational Command, Jacek Horiszewski.

“The decision was based on information from our radar systems. The assessment of the trajectory, speed and altitude of the rocket indicated that it would deprive us of air space,” he said, adding that it was a rocket of years Or deep into Poland, they could have crossed the devil's bets F -16.

After the incident in the Polish sovereign stakes, experts in the middle and the alliance again began to discuss why the missiles were not shot down. The Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army, Wieslaw Kukula, stated that the military acted adequately in this situation. NATO allies assessed these actions as correct.

Photo: Polish Minister of Defense Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamisz says that Russian missiles should not be shot down, because the stink will not threaten Polish targets (GettyImages)

According to the words of expert Valeriy Romanenko, the Polish side has little power , to shoot down Russian missiles. There is only one problem – there is no political will.

“This is their choice, they believed that protecting their cordons is not as important as keeping up with NATO bids. If they change their position, then they start beating. If they continue to pray for the smart Scholz (German The Chancellor is not aware of any escalation with Russia, – ed. .), the missiles will fly to Warsaw, other places and, perhaps, as soon as the vibukhne,” adding Vin.

I think that Russia is constantly maneuvering missiles in such a manner that they fly to Poland, turn around and attack goals in Ukraine. As a result, our anti-defense defense is less susceptible to attack from a direct approach.

The Ukrainian PPO produces missiles, as they are only launched by strategic bombers of the Tu-95 type, says expert Kostyantyn Krivolap. In addition, the PPO system is tailored to each specific segment. Such features as Patriot have more restrictions, while others have fewer.

“But it’s still not 360 degrees, which is what only operational-tactical systems provide that operate at short distances, with radars that turn on their own axis. The larger the radar and the larger the stand, the more more than stationary. “This is coming from the approach, which requires deployment, and the whole from the right. If the missiles are still coming from the side of Poland, this is an additional stress for our PPO,” we learned from Russia.

The Republic of Poland will cover the incoming areas sti of Ukraine

The Rzeczpospolita has published the results of an investigation about how Warsaw may begin negotiations with Kiev and NATO in order to reduce the number of missiles in border regions of Ukraine that can fly near Poland. On the other hand – 37.6% of respondents – answered “definitely so”, another 31.7% – “most likely so”, only 17.6% of respondents were against.

The Ukrainian side is obviously committed to the fact that the Polish missile defense would like to frequently cover the approaching areas. In a close interview with TSN.Tizhden, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Kuleba was asked about a possible scenario from the acquisitions of Polish Patriot systems.

“In fact, everything is real. In fact, NATO would not have captured the lands of NATO due to the “admissions” “drones or missiles on its territory,” they say, allowing for the possibility that the systems transferred to Ukraine would cover the closing cordon.

Photo: Patriot air defense system on the cordon from Poland they can cover the approach Ukraine from ballistics up to a maximum of 25 km inland (Getty Images)

The idea does not inspire enthusiasm among Poles. According to the Ministry of Defense, Poland “is expected to undergo long-term transformations, including investments in missile defense.” Based on this, it is difficult to say that the Polish Patriots will take over the Ukrainian skies, since it seems that their Ministry of Defense currently has no unambiguous type.

Speaker of the Ukrainian Air Force Illya Yvlash confirmed that the rumors about the closing of the sky over the western regions were already relevant when the Russian missile spent 39 seconds in the airy expanse of Poland on the 27th quarter. In my opinion, today’s country uses all technical capabilities to often close the Ukrainian sky. And this, in its turn, would allow the deficiencies of PPO to be used in other directions to counteract Russian aviation.

“Proteum for which we need political will, and this is even greater than the power of our diplomatic corps of the great military kerivnitstva, which can be of service to you,” adding wine, blaming Patriot.

The deputy minister of foreign affairs of Poland, Andrzej Szejna, said that NATO is considering the possibility of shooting down missiles that fly from the country that is a member of the defense alliance. She can also look after the Ukrainian side and secure international heritage, having become a diplomat. It is entirely possible that such negotiations will soon take place.

The Poles have not only Patriot, but also quite a lot of other complexes, plus they are creating a foreign-power system of PPO “Visla”. Therefore, the blessed and the succesful country could often want to cover the entry of Ukraine from Russian missiles, expert Romanenko believes.

According to him, NATO countries that border Ukraine have long been clamoring for permission to acquire drones and missiles that fly directly to them. For example, at a distance of 30 km from the cordon.

“Fragments within 30 km of a missile can reach 90% of its territory. It’s not my fault, you can’t make a sharp turn. But a ballistic missile can reach 100%, if on such a front, it is directly in their favor. The protection of Ukraine in this period is a by-product. There would have been more sensible solutions for their government’s defense,” he said in the commentary.

In my opinion, such a scenario is entirely possible and supports the safe interests of the partners. The loss of missiles over Ukraine does not equate to participation in combat operations, the stink fragments are “dispersed” from their territory, adding an expert.

Moreover, the food is far from being in the stagnant systems of the Patriot type, according to Kostyantin Krivolap. Because aerodynamic goals are not our main problem. As of today, the Ukrainian missile defense system shoots down 85-87% of missiles and missiles, but only 10% more, due to NATO regulations. As for Patriot, it is guaranteed to be effective against ballistics within a radius of 25 km.

“If the stinks get close to our cordon, they can destroy the smuha at only 25 km. For aerodynamic purposes, then 160 km, Otherwise, we can beat such targets ourselves. And against the stink ballistics, nothing can be achieved in this area. Therefore, the statements are more political, less technical,” the expert summed up. p>

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