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World leaders urge Republicans to help Ukraine rather than worry about Trump, – Reuters

The unprecedented number of foreign officials has kept Washington from It took many months for the Republicans in Congress to Prosperous praise for the increased military assistance to Ukraine. But they will listen to a completely different voice – that of the current president and the current presidential candidate of the Republican Party, Donald Trump.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine as reported by Reuters.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida speaks at a meeting of Congress in four calls of American legislators to address “doubts” at home” about the role of the edge in the world arena, ahead of Ukraine's hopes of “coordinating” without US support.

The agency also plans to visit the United States with similar messages from Prime Minister of Italy Giorgia Meloni, Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz , British Foreign Minister David Cameron .

Reuters notes the insignificance of these visits – causing foreign leaders to avoid the appearance of spilling on US legislators. Analysts would also suggest that this insignificance reflects deep concern, especially in Europe, about how long Ukraine can go without significant new help from Washington.

“Europe is very nervous about the acquisition of the United States and our allegiance to NATO, Ukraine and Europe,” said Elizabeth Hoffman, director of congressional nutrition and the Center for Strategic and International Affairs.

Trump Friday 12 This week, we meet with the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, which fuels the rumor about those who praise the vote before President Joe Biden asks about emergency assistance to Ukraine in the coming period.

Representative of the Republican Party Marjorie Taylor Greene, a loyal ally of Trump and an opponent of aid to Ukraine, said that Trump and Johnson would discuss the bill, but did not come up with their thoughts. “I think that President Trump can present his views, and I’m not speaking on behalf of the president,” she said.

Help for Ukraine from the United States is significant and Trump’s position

The United States has practically not given Ukraine any assistance for many months military assistance. The reason is that Congress did not praise the bill from auxiliary funds.

The US Senate praised the document, which proposes to see nearly 60 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine. Ale vin is “stuck” at the House of Representatives.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson is expected to bring the initiative to the vote. He is advocating changes to the rules of the bill, despite the fact that there is a need for assistance on credit.

Politico recently wrote about the fact that the administration of US President Joe Biden is negotiating with Johnson to pass the bill at a cost to Ukraine neither.

At the very least, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that without the help of the acquired States, Ukraine would waste a lot of people at the front. Until then, the Armed Forces will not be able to achieve new successes on the battlefield and will be hesitant to go back.

I recently repeated again that Ukraine will have to retreat piece by piece, since the acquired States will not be renewed I will help you.

In fact, as the Washington Post journalists learned, Trump’s plan until the end of the war puts pressure on Kiev for actions before Moscow, including territorial ones.

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