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Years transferred to 2024. When Ukraine switches to daylight saving time and who else in the world works like this

This coming month, Ukraine will switch to daylight saving time again. The usefulness of seasonal translation of year books has long been a subject of debate. Doctors talk about the risks to health, experts doubt the effect of saving electricity, but many countries still argue against this practice.

Report on the transition to daylight saving time and where the world stosovuyt – on RBC-Ukraine lower .

During preparation, the following were reviewed: the text and the explanatory note to bill No. 4201, a statement by the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk, Wikipedia.

If you need to translate the year numbers

The rules of the seasonal time were established in 1996. Years change days to river:

  • to summer hour (one year ahead) – the remaining week is berez;
  • for the winter hour (a year ago) – in the last week of harvest.

Thus, on the night before the 31st week at 03:00 it will be necessary to move the year calendar forward one year. In our hours “Kruti”, the namesake will be brought to the XIBA Shcho on the mechanical Goddiners, Aje Sudani Gadzheti Requid Gazeta, automatically Zmіniyuvati hour.


For countries that practice seasonal change of year, the summer hour is set to the warm period of the year. Set it to one year greater than the standard time zone, which is used for the singing territory and is coded according to UTC (Universal Coordinated Time, which is introduced instead of the hour after Greenwich Mean Time GMT).

Ukraine ntsi translate The arrows go back a year – to the “winter” hour. This name is not entirely correct, and this hour is actually standard (for Ukraine – Kiev hour UTC+2).

Photo: Ukraine has a standard time zone of UTC+2 (Vitaliy Nosach, RBC-Ukraine) /p>

In secular practice, the terms “standard” and “summer” hour are used. Europe and America call the “summer” hour stagnant until any seasonal shift one year ahead, regardless of the terms and conditions. International names of time zones during this period are changed by adding the word “summer”.

This is the same European hour – Eastern European Time (EET), as well as the similar European summer time – Eastern European Summer Time (EEST) ).

The countries of Western America, Australia and New Zealand use the term “standard”, and during the daylight hours replace it with “daylight”.

For the standard hour – Central Standard Time (CST), for summer – Central Daylight Time (CDT).

When the idea of ​​a seasonal hour appeared

To all the world's assertions, Great Britain began in 1918 first to transfer the year calendar to the summer hour.

In fact, the pioneers in the development of seasonal time were the German and Austro-Ugric regions. On April 30, 1916, the year arrows were moved forward a year, and on April 1, 1916, they were moved back a year. It should be noted that the rules for the translation of gods were extended to Transcarpathia, Galicia, Bukovina and Volina, which at that time were part of the stock of these powers.

The need for time changes was then explained by the more rational use of daylight hours and saving energy resources.

In Ukraine, they began to transfer the anniversaries of children to the river in 1981 – still for the Radyansky Union. The practice is saved until now, although you have tried to ask it many times.

Photo: in Ukraine, translating year books over 40 years (freepik.com)

Try to check the summer hour in Ukraine

The natural hour for Ukraine is the “winter” itself. 95% of the territory of the region is located in the UTC+2 time zone.

In other zones there are Lugansk and partly Donetsk, Kharkiv and Transcarpathian regions. The difference between the entry and exit points is approximately 68 times.

The very same daylight saving hour has again caused dissatisfaction among residents of similar regions, and even the 3rd rank is shining there. At the end of Ukraine, they are dissatisfied with the winter hour, and after the 9th morning they are just starting to lose their sleep in the cold period of fate.

The Verkhovna's first attempt in 2011 to praise the law on a single hour for the entire territory of Ukraine was not far off.

I tried again 4 years ago. Bill No. 4201 is pending another reading. The remaining vote did not receive sufficient support and the document was sent for further examination. When it is impossible to praise him.

Why do you want to see the translation of the yearbooks

The draft law requires the establishment of a single hour throughout the entire territory of the region. Among the reasons:

  • Protection of population health;

According to the opinion of most scientists and doctors, moving the year indicator hands one year forward and back, carrying a number of negative consequences, means a significant decline in the health of the population during the period of adaptation to the new hour.

Photo: people need close to 2 major adaptations after the translation of years (freepik.com)

Seasonal clock cutting leads to a change in the biological rhythms of people, which is reflected in a negative way in the world healthy 'I, both physiologically and psychologically. The disruption of circadian rhythms negatively affects the cardiovascular, immune and nervous systems.

  • The transfer of the year anniversary does not help energy saving;

Whereas in the past hours the transfer of the year anniversary effectively helped in saving energy resources, then in everyday minds with different rhythms of life, there is no need for energy efficiency their technology The economic effect of the season is minimal.

  • catering to the needs of residents of neighboring and similar regions ;

Looking at the differences in the current and similar regions, the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk promised to transfer until another reading the changes that would govern everyone. Zokrema, if necessary, the local government could recommend changing the hour of the working day for business.

  • view from a single hour space from the Russian Federation;

With the translation of the hands one year ahead at the beginning of the year, there is a difference in the time zones between Kiev and Moscow (located to the time pole UTC+3 and living behind the same hour without translation of the years).

The law allowed the standard hour (UTC+2) to be fixed in Ukraine, which would no longer deviate from the hour of the aggressor country.

In the explanatory note before the bill it was stated that the new legislation would ensure the protection of territorial integrity and the improvement of national security of Ukraine.

Which countries practice the translation of yearbooks

The seasonal hour is observed in approximately 60 countries around the world, Zokrem, the region of Europe and most states of the USA, Canada, Israel. However, the dates for the translation of the lines may vary.

At the same time, the European Parliament supported the idea of ​​introducing a seasonal translation of the year from 2021. The decision was praised for the results of the vote in the EU countries – 84% of hundreds of residents of the European Union voted for the transition to summer and winter hours.

Photo: blue edges indicate daylight saving hour, orange have pinned the summer hour, chervonym have not translated the yearbooks (wikimedia.org)

In 2021, the skin of the country can do it itself turn the arrows back and forth, but most of the time, translate the dates. Among them are Italy, Spain, France, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland and others.

Close to 140 countries in the world or have never experienced a seasonal clock , or they were inspired by such practices. In Asia and Africa, it is important not to translate anniversary dates. Japan, China, India, Singapore, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Virginia, Abkhazia, Azerbaijan were encouraged to switch to daylight saving hour.

Earlier, the expert explained what additional help є transfer of energy savings.

We also learned what risks to health may arise during the transfer of years.

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