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“You can admit it for singing minds”: Malyuska has been shown to be a good substitute for woo-wooers

The Ministry of Justice allows the exchange of rights of violators under the law on mobilization. In the hour of war, the rights and freedoms of citizens may be deprived.

The Minister of Justice Denis Malyuska spoke about this in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

Commenting on the position of Ombudsman Dmitry Lubints regarding the unconstitutionality of the norms on blocking rackets, Malyuska said: “We are more careful with our assessments. I’m not talking about those that any norms in the bill are clearly unconstitutional. request to the Constitutional Court from similar certificates and from similar supplies. And the practices of the ESPL are the same.”

In his words, “during the period of war, the rights and freedoms of citizens may be limited.” “The other one on the right is that such an exchange may be grounded, and it is even more sensitive and subtle nutritional assessments, as far as the balance between vested interest and radicalism in the exchange of rights is being sought,” – adding Vin.

Malyuska appreciates that the specific provisions of the bill on mobilization prompt a final, important assessment. “I don’t see a direct and unequivocal violation of the Constitution there. This does not mean that there is nothing there. This means that in most cases, those situations, which, let’s say, call for a storm, they need to Consider the balance of interests. Moreover, there is nothing there that would directly destroy the Constitution,” said the minister.

Malyuska reported that the bill on mobilization was processed by the Ministry of Defense through a special procedure and did not reach the Ministry of Justice for detailed analysis, and the legal basis was not rejected.

“We definitely need to live up to the present day in order to prevent the deterioration of the military binding on one side. On the other side, the boundaries that overlap are more logical than the lining. in the jar – it’s the most sensitive. I’m transferring what For the best minds, such blocking could be allowed if it were not constitutional. Whose minds are in our particular situation, in our bill? I’m leaving the commentary. It is estimated that it will be brutal,” the minister added.

The bill on mobile phones izatsiya

It seems that at the end of the day the Cabinet of Ministers submitted to the Supreme Council a bill on mobilization, which proposes to change the procedure for its implementation. Zokrem Radi proposed to reduce the conscription age to 25 years, impose punishment for swindlers, and also prohibit the delivery of summonses in an online format.

The Supreme Committee for National Security, Defense and Intelligence is due for another reading in Idkhiliv norm about arrest banking secretaries, who are violating the legislation on mobilization, and also supporting the reduction of the right to car ownership.

Previously, the first defender of the head of the NBU, Katerina Rozhkova, said that the legislation on the banking secrecy is not adequate will limit the financial transactions of those who do not show up to the TCC, as it was transferred by the bill on mobilization. The NBU is confident that it won’t get anywhere.

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