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Zagalny mobilization in Ukraine: what should all those with medical conditions prepare for?

A new law that curbs food mobility is gaining ground today , 4 May 2024 In this case, the innovations are already in force, and on the 18th of May there will still be very few rules.

A report about the extent to which medical workers are preparing to prepare for the disease – in the text of RBC-Ukraine.

During the preparation of the material, the texts of laws 3621-IX, 3127-IX, 3549-IX, 3633-IX (the great law on mobilization), bills 10379 (about fines for swindlers) and 11079-1 (about mob Elimination of debts ), notify the Director of the Department of Health of the Ministry of Defense Oksana Sukhorukova, the General Staff of the ZSU.


  • Without the status of “bounded appendage”. What else is changing since May 4
  • What norms apply from May
  • Mobilization law: main rules since May 18
  • Fines for swindlers and mobilization of convicts: what else to prepare for

Without the status of “excluded appendage”. What else is changing since the 4th of May

From today, according to Law 3621-IX, the status of “interchanged adjectives” applies. Those with a medical condition who were previously diagnosed must undergo a second medical examination before the end of the disease (lasting 9 months).

At the same time, changes were being made to order No. 402 of the Ministry of Defense about military and medical commissions. As stated by Oksana Sukhorukova, director of the health department of the Ministry of Defense, the criteria for which a person is assigned to military service will be described.

In this way, there will actually be five statuses: non-attributable and even categories of adjuncts . Categories of adverbs will be divided into:

  • adverbs (overall)
  • additional information before service in the military, TCC, security units, installations, organizations (otherwise not applicable before service in the assault forces, marines, special operations forces, special forces, etc.)
  • additional information for other special forces realities (for example, candidates for entry before the military decision)
  • additional until the end of specific tasks

Updated criteria will include several thousand diagnoses. І for the skin group it is necessary to fall ill at the stage of dividing diseases into adjuncts/non-adjacents.

“For example, if a person has a history of a rash and has lost only a scar, it is appropriate. But if the infection has been fixed, and a significant part of the shank has been promptly delivered to the affected area, then the person is inappropriate,” explained Sukhorukova.

Photo: surrounded by data may undergo a repeat medical examination (armyinform.com.ua)

The new order has been gaining strength since the 18th of May, as well as the great law on mobilization. Therefore, before military service, patients with asymptomatic VIL, progressively progressive blood diseases, hypertension, stage I, etc. will be identified.

Before military service, Ukrainians with clinical permanently diagnosed tuberculosis, chronic hepatitis (with severely impaired functions , good new creations and in.) You can check the list for instructions.

It is significant that since the 18th of May “the borders of the appendage” can still be updated for 60 days until the TCC. It is likely that they will be sent directly to the repeat commission.

In addition, Law 3621-IX guarantees military leave for 14 days in the presence of a child, as well as exemption from service if the child is ill and requires supervision. Also, military service members can spend up to 12 months in the medical care facility outside the cordon without having to undergo VLC for the skin for up to 12 months.

And the payment of 15 million hryvnias is also stipulated in accordance with the law for the dead military man.

What norms apply from the Mobilization Room from 25 rocks

The country now has law 3127-IX, which reduces the conscription age. Previously, only Ukrainians aged 27 years could be mobilized, and those who were younger were hired on a contract. Now, mobilization is being promoted by boys over 25 years ago, in addition to the state of health. They should be transferred from the guise of conscripts to the guise of military conscripts.

As explained at the General Staff of the ZSU, from the first half of the week the military committees began to receive summons to those who reached the 25th.

>“To clarify the medical data, undergo a medical examination and prepare the relevant military-regional documents,” the informant said.

To clarify the data, you need your mother’s passport, IPN, military-regional receipt, medical documents too. And for the evidence of support for the line – the medicinal commission, the complete history of the disease and other supporting documents.

Digitalization of the army: “Oberig” and electronic office

Robota the register of military diseases “Oberig” and electronic cabinet was transferred by law No. 3549 -IX. The e-office allows you to check your cloud data in the TCC remotely, without going through your telephone.

“We appreciate that there will be such a service approach,” said Intercessor of the Minister of Defense Katerina Chornorenko.

Registration for the e-office is entirely voluntary. Electronic notifications will not be released through this, but will be processed through the following system, which can later be purchased from the AppStore (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

Photo: a number of electronic services are being launched in the interests of the army (Getty Images)

The electronic office will be launched on the 18th of May. For a report on those that are needed, read the accompanying material “Alternative to TCC. The exact date for launching the e-office of military doctors.”

The interaction between the state registries and the “Amulet” will also be improved. Let us collect more data about military conspirators and turn off the release of pardon subpoenas. To which register is entered information about Ukrainians from the 18th to 60th centuries (conscripts, military conscripts and reservists):

  • PIB, date and place of birth, becoming, community
  • place residence
  • family background
  • education, profession and place of work
  • health and so on

It looks like we will launch electronic armor and receive electronic military receipts on the basis of Obereg. And the law has also relaxed the status of UBD (participant in combat operations). This can be completed online, and military applications are required to form proof of participation in combat actions for 5 days after the military order is issued.

The system forms a statement and an electronic identifier (QR- code, barcode code, digital code). The actual information about the fruits can be either electronic or paper. There are immediate plans to launch the Army+ program with a whole ecosystem of services, first of all online UBD.

Law on mobilization: main rules from 18 May

The Great Law on Mobilization (No. 3633-IX) will be implemented in exactly two years. Significantly, during the course of my training, it was proposed to prescribe demobilization after 36 months of service and rotation. For the purpose of carrying out military registration, these standards have been obtained, they can be regulated by law until 2024.

Without a summons to the TCC, you will always have your military receipt with you

Until June 17, 2024, all military officials can update the data. You can earn money by accessing your computer, accessing through the Administrative Service Center or through your e-account. When updating your data, you must provide all the information, right down to your phone number and email address.

In addition, all people aged 18-60 years of guilt will carry a military receipt or a timely confirmation Viyskovozobov'yazanogo. They must be shown to the representatives of the TCC, as well as when leaving the border.

Basic and legal preparation

The string service will be officially terminated. Instead, the basis for Ukrainians in the 18-25th century will be restored. They can choose a period of service until they receive 24 years.

The term is up to five months in peacetime and up to three months in military times. In wartime: no less than one month of basic training and up to two months of professional training.

Basic legal training will be introduced in 2025 in all forms of government as a result of the obligatory discipline for for the boys and for the baths for the girls. After it, a military-regional specialty is assigned, and the military-regional specialty is transferred to the department.

What does it mean for the military

The TCC is becoming more important. During the war, the police carry out administrative harassment of those who do not come for the summons. The infection can imprison people for three years and even those for whom a report was filed at the military committee.

Since the police cannot detect the military criminal, the address of his registration is enforced using a recommended sheet. As soon as a person appears to be torn off, unable to hand over the sheet, or is apparently ignored, the exchange procedure starts.

Photo: for the deterioration of mobilization, we will urgently eliminate the rights to keratinia car (Getty Images)

If the thief fails to show up at the TCC for 10 days, then the government committee will go to court with the intention of suspending his/her driving rights. Otherwise, the court may be convinced that the suspension of the right to drive a car provides a special benefit for the purpose of living or the car is used for transporting a disabled person.

Bonuses for military and motivational package

Mobilized compensated There is 50% of the first deposit from the mortgage. And you will also pay 100 thousand hryvnias after the first and second service. The main part of the release is in parts, stretching out to fate (the main part is continuous for at least 15 days).

In addition, military personnel and people are required to go to the government for loans, pay fines and penalties (except for car loans and housing). Contractors are required to receive a certificate for 150 thousand hryvnias for the purchase of a car within three months.

For low-cost and captured equipment, wine towns range from 11.5 to 870 thousand hryvnias. Those who are mobilized voluntarily take a two-month extension before being sent to the initial centers in order to complete their certificates in the community.

Advancement for mobilization

Addition is given to those who have booked persons with disabilities, those who are sometimes unattainable, fathers with wealth (in addition to alimony enforcers), fathers – the same thing.

For more detailed information, see the material “The law on mobilization has been adopted. A short summary of the main innovations.”

Mobilization is not offered to students in full-time or dual-study education. The mind is needed – the zeal of illumination that comes before rejection. Doctoral students and postgraduate students, contract workers, may also have the right to a promotion.

Also, mobilization is not promoted by those whose close relatives have died or fallen into obscurity, ending up in the ATO or under the hour of large-scale aggression of the Russian Federation. Or they posthumously received the title of Hero of Ukraine for heroism during the hour of the Revolution.

Armor rules

Posad government officials no longer guarantee armor during mobilization. It is guaranteed that top officials of category “A”, heads of regional and district councils, rural villages and town heads will be removed.

Officials of category “B” and local self-government bodies – no more than 50% of the number of military conspirators. And as of 2025, employment in the government service will no longer be possible after basic military training (as a person is recognized as an additional qualification).

Reservation will be revoked for employees of the government agencies and other government agencies in (including NABU, National Police, Prosecutor's Office, DSNS and others), enterprises and organizations that are critically important for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the economy and the livelihood of the population.

Significantly, in the near future, Prime Minister Denis Shmigal already announced a “fair decree” about armored bathroom.

How to mobile

The law is not to retaliate against changes before conscripting women into service. Mobilizations are carried out only by doctors and even on a voluntary basis. It is appropriate, the representatives of the Authoric Medic Medic, the pharmaceutical professor of the Mali Mali Stati on the vіskikovy C9A2EF9422ABE15B3B85CE .jpg” />

Photo: the new law does not retaliate against changes due to the mobilization of Ukrainians (Vitaliy Nosach/RBC-Ukraine)

The ceremonial rules of revenge and transfer of exchanges, through which the Ukrainians will not be able to join the army. Report about this in the material “New law on mobilization: what to do with the army of wives.”

Fines for swindlers and mobilization of convicts: what else to prepare for Yishov bill 10379 , which proposes to raise fines for violations during mobilization. Penalties for violating the rules of military service are subject to a fine of 850 to 17,000 hryvnia, and in times of war they can be raised to 3,400 to 5,100 hryvnia.

For violation of the summons or failure to appear at the police station, you will be fined 3400 – 8500 hryvnia. It is proposed to provide the following gradation:

  • in peacetime – from 5,100 to 8,500 hryvnia (community), from 17,000 to 34,000 hryvnia (landers and legal entities)
  • during the war – from 17,000 to 25,500 hryvnia and from 34,000 to 59,000 hryvnia daily

Also, the first reader praised bill 11079-1 on the mobilization of debtors. We are talking about voluntary mobilization of those who are eligible for service in other specialized units and military units.

Anyone willing to do so will be required to submit an application and undergo a medical examination from a doctor, data will be transferred to the TCC and military units can be viewed the possibility of recruiting him for service. After the decision of the TCC on the relevant check, the Military-Medicine Commission, and if all is well, then the application will go to court, which mentally and pre-stroke will punish him.

The commanders of the military units may withdraw from the Adm. Instructive view. Until the Armed Forces, they will not be able to be convicted for crimes against the national security of Ukraine, the killing of two or more people, as well as for sexual violence and a fatal accident.

How can such mobilizations be removed from the service? I am threatened by the term 5 up to 10 rocks. Offended by the bills, they still loom to pass each other's reading. Find out what will happen at the beginning of the plenary session.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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