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Zaluzhny was interfering with the statement of his ex-radniks by the staff

Whether the out-of-statute assistants of ZSU head commander Valery Zaluzhny are not willing to give again public comments under your name . And all of these statements include their own powerful thoughts and do not reflect the position of the head commander.

This was said at the General Staff of the ZSU in response to RBC-Ukraine.

About what we say

Yesterday, on the 28th birthday, the founder of the “Zahist Maybutnyogo” foundation, Alla Martinyuk, disgraced herself on the Youtube channel “Icelandia” with a statement about mobilization. The channel signed Martinyuk as an “assistant-consultant to the head commander of the ZSU.”

“There is no need to panic that your son is dead in the war. We will all die, and it would be better to die, but it will fall on your head or you will die.” machine,” she said on air to one of the Youtube channel programs.

What can they say about it in the General Staff

The General Staff reported to RBC-Ukraine that as of June 28, 2023, Zaluzhny has no assistant consultants on staff. And any senior assistants should not be less important to speak in the name of the commander.

“It would be important for any senior assistants to publicly comment on any nutrition in the name of the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces They are, and what they said – including in the end special thirst for publicity,” stated the General Staff.

Mobilization in Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers on the evening of 25 April submitted to the Supreme Court for the sake of a bill for mobilization, passed What does military service look like? More details about the bill and the proposals for mobilization can be found in the material of RBC-Ukraine.

In which the Ombudsman for Human Rights Dmytro Lubinets stated that the bill has norms that supersede the Constitution ii. Language about obezhenya for hilyants. Zokrema, ce zabora na operation s nerukhomistyu.

According to information from RBC-Ukraine, the bill can still be changed or further examined.

Terms and important information about the war Russia versus Ukraine read on the channel RBC-Ukraine on Telegram.

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