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Zelensky about prizes: against the Russian Federation we will never kill people, they will mobilize corpses there

Ukraine does not have more people with nutritional mobility. Our country is fighting against Russia, because it does not save people and mobilizes corpses.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in response to the application of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in the custody of the International Economic Council forum.

Returning people to Ukraine < p>The head of state noted that these military men, who are behind the cordon, may be in Ukraine. The value of law and justice.

“Because of the mobility age, according to the Ukrainian law, you are allowed to live in Ukraine. This is a fact. You are at war or not at war. You are doing the right thing,” the president clarified. what is the salary of one Viyskovovo – this is a donation for 6-8 people. And assistance from foreign allies will not cost the budget that much.

“You can work and not be at the front, but stay in the situation. Otherwise, you can pay the taxes. You can pay the taxes fairly. But in the hour of war, food costs even more. This food is justice,” Zelensky said.

Chi is recruiting people for mobilization

The head of state also noted that Ukraine will never recruit people for war with Russia.

“We are fighting against the Russian Federation, which does not respect people. And we can mobilize your people “That's why they mobilize corpses. You know, they know that they mobilize corpses. They mobilize meat. It's all the same: this people will turn around. But we're not all the same,” the president said.

In other words, this is not due to the fact that Ukraine has four times less population than Russia. As a matter of fact, our country would not throw people under tanks, since a large part of the population would still be with the Russian Federation.

“We are fighting for the rights of people. What sense is there in fighting for the rights of people, since you do not respect their rights? It’s just that recklessly, looming. And we will never stand (people – ed.) against this power, which is trimming people like slaves and throwing them under tanks,” he summed up.

Mobilization in Ukraine

Guess what, in Ukraine they didn't vote mobilization in anticipation of a large-scale invasion of Russia. Persons between the ages of 27 and 60 are subject to conscription for military service.

In this case, there are low charges for which persons can be called up for conscription.

Already by the nearest keel Whom today will realize that the Cabinet of Ministers submit to the Supreme Court a bill on mobilization, which would introduce a partial change in the order of its implementation.

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