• 13/04/2024 08:28

Zelensky awarded almost 700 soldiers

Зеленский наградил почти 700 воинов

Vladimir Zelensky, photo OP

President Vladimir Zelensky signed decrees on awarding Ukrainian military personnel.

Source : Evening address by the President, President's website

Direct speech : “The day before, I signed several decrees – decrees about respect for our soldiers, about our gratitude to them. And I want to say about them today.

Almost 700 warriors. Army. Air Force. Navy. Power steering Five Heroes of Ukraine, and four of them are intelligence officers, soldiers of the Main Intelligence Directorate. Those whose heroic work cannot yet be talked about, but whom we should all thank. Our heroes.

Another “Golden Star” of the Hero of Ukraine – a soldier of the Armed Forces, junior sergeant Igor Tymoshchuk, I personally presented the award to him during a trip to Avdiivka. This is a very strong guy. Strong commander. One of those who is truly inspiring.

Four more soldiers are now marked with the “Cross of Military Merit”: soldier Oleg Duzhenky from the 130th separate reconnaissance battalion, soldier Nikita Kalyaev from the 115th separate mechanized brigade of the reserve corps of our Ground Forces, captain Bogdan Mazurenko from the 35th separate marine brigade and major Roman Strizhobik – 47th separate mechanized brigade.”


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