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Zelensky responded to the Senate’s acceptance of aid for Ukraine

The President thanked the leaders of both parties in the upper house of the American Parliament and all Americans who support Ukraine.

Zelensky responded to the Senate's acceptance of aid for Ukraine

Vladimir Zelensky

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on his page thanks the US Senate , which completed the process of passing a safe bill providing more than $60 billion in military support for our state.

Zelensky noted the contribution of the leaders of both parties in the upper house of the American parliament – Republican Mitch McConnell and Democrat Chuck Schumer.

According to the President, with this vote, “America has strengthened its role as a beacon of democracy and leader of the free world.”

The head of state also thanked all Americans who “support Ukraine and understand that the historic The significance of this bill goes beyond politics.”

Zelensky expressed hope that Joe Biden will quickly sign the bill, which will allow for the next package of military aid from the United States.

“Ukraine's long-range capabilities, artillery and air defense are important tools for the speedy restoration of a just world,” the President concluded.

  • In the evening address, Zelensky responded to the latest shelling of Ukrainian cities by the occupiers.
  • Zelensky accepted credentials from ambassadors of five countries.
  • The President believes that thanks to US support, Ukraine has a chance to win.


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