• 17/06/2024 20:37

Zelensky: “Scholz is afraid of Putin’s nuclear threats”

The President of Ukraine gave an interview to Bild, in which he expressed his attitude towards Germany’s refusal to provide Taurus missiles.


interview with the German publication Bild explained the reluctance of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to provide Ukraine is getting long-range weapons with nuclear intimidation from the Kremlin.

As stated in the German publication, the President “does not understand why Ukraine does not receive the weapons it needs to survive.”

However, Zelensky admits that the question is not simple, because Taurus missiles, according to Scholz, are the strongest weapons of the German army, and he does not want to leave his country without these weapons.

We are talking about fears regarding the threats of using atomic weapons that are heard from by the self-proclaimed President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. However, Zelensky “does not think that these missiles can protect the world from the nuclear threat from Russia.”

In the interview, Zelensky also did not rule out the possibility that Russia is planning a major attack on Kharkov, and admitted that the occupiers’ attacks on the energy infrastructure were successful. However, the head of state is proud of the success of the Ukrainian military in the use of drones.

  • Zelensky came to the Kharkov region to inspect fortifications.
  • At Headquarters, the head of state spoke about the protection of Kharkov and the air defense system.
  • Ukraine, according to the President , this year will receive only 10% of the required number of F-16 fighters from its allies.


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