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Zelensky's interview with Fox News: main statements

The President of Ukraine spoke with journalist Bret Baier near the front line.

Zelensky's interview with Fox News: main statements

Construction of the interview recording

The American television channel Fox News on Thursday aired an exclusive interview with President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to journalist Bret Baier , recorded during the head of state’s visit to the front line.

We are publishing the main statements.

About the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces compared to the occupiers: “Ten thousand deaths. The ratio is one to five. For every one of our soldiers killed in battle, there are five Russian soldiers “.

About Putin: “He is an inadequate person who poses a threat to the whole world. He wants to destroy NATO, this is his goal. The war will end when the world understands what a threat it is Putin.”

About control over the Black Sea: “In 2024 we will continue our successful history in the Black Sea. I will not go into details, but they will get a few surprises. This is very important.”

About financial assistance from the United States: “Will Ukraine survive without the support of Congress? Of course. But not all of us. The price of assistance now is less than if Putin succeeds in Ukraine.”

About Trump: “If he came to Ukraine, he would see everything with his own eyes and hear with his own ears. I am glad to welcome here any of the presidential candidates, anyone who is an opinion leader. I want them to see what war means, who started this war. You don't have to go to the front with me. It's enough to talk to people.”

About the elections: “No one canceled the elections. The law says that during martial law elections cannot be held. This is not some law passed under me. It was there from the very beginning. I have the greatest support of the people. If elections had taken place, they would have elected “It would be me, so don't say that I'm trying to stay in power. I would win the elections if they took place.”

About attempts on life: “After the fifth, I was no longer interested. There were attempts, especially at the beginning of the war. Intelligence told me. But now that’s not what worries me.”

About de-occupation: “It is difficult to de-occupy all our territories within the 1991 borders only by military means. It takes a lot of time, it is a very long war, it threatens the loss of many people. To achieve de-occupation by “the diplomatic path. But for this we need to put pressure on the battlefield in order to have a strong position. Putin is only afraid of force. His position weakens when their losses increase. We need to show the Russians how much they are losing, to convey this information to them.”

About agreements: “I believe only in legal agreements. I believe in bilateral security agreements that provide for sanctions and weapons. I believe that becoming a member of NATO is important for Ukraine’s sake But, to be honest, I believe most of all that only the Ukrainian Armed Forces are capable of protecting us.”


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