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Zurabishvili called for an urgent dispersal of the demonstration in Tbilisi

Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili called on the terminology to enforce the dissolution of shares ї protest in Tbilisi against the scandalous “law on foreign agents” “, which came to the point, and the security forces stood against the demonstrators with water cannons, mucus gas and humic cakes.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine as reported by “News of Georgia” and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.

The statement of the head of the Georgian state is addressed to the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Zurabishvili asked “to immediately stop the outbreak of a peaceful demonstration, the use of disproportionate force, the violence of the young people who came with their bare hands.”

According to the words of the Georgian president, there were no immediate threats to law and order during the hour of the demonstration.

Zurabishvili also asked the People's Hears of Georgia to “react urgently to stop any untreated or inadequate special forces.”

“It’s disgraceful for young people to stand up if you have claims to nationality. It’s disgraceful to appeal until you believe and want violence in the Holy Week,” she said.

On her Twitter (X) Zurabishvili put the responsibility for the cause – in order .

“The disproportionate standstill of force against peaceful protesters in Tbilisi is completely unwarranted, unprovoked. The majority of the evidence lies in the order. The Georgian people have abolished the right to peaceful protest,” it says and publications.

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Recently, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the region stated that the protest action of the participants of the rally on Rustaveli Avenue before the parliament in Tbilisi “went beyond the limits established by the law on freedom of speech and peaceful gatherings, and became violent in nature.”

” i brutal police, law enforcement officers will not stop. Participants in the rally verbally and physically confront law enforcement officers, and also throw various objects at them,” according to the ministry’s statement.

Thus, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that the Viconniya was beginning to “transform the law to restore public order.”

Happening now: Special Forces beating peaceful, unarmed female protesters. Source: No to Russian Law channel#NoToRussianLaw #Georgia pic.twitter.com/VgopI2lluP

— Marika Mikiashvili (@Mikiashvili_M) April 30, 2024

After an absolutely inhumane amount of tear gas that nearly choked me inside a freakin building, valiant people are again back on Rustaveli to confront this Russian regime. #NoToRussianLaw #Georgia #TbilisiProtests pic.twitter.com/LL1k3Z8WBO

— Marika Mikiashvili (@Mikiashvili_M) April 30, 2024 What has blown

Guess what, the 17th quarter of the Georgian parliament at the first reading praised the bill “on foreign agents” “, which similar to the current law in the Russian Federation. After this, mass protests broke out in Georgia. Thus, the demonstrators are calling on legislators not to vote for this initiative.

It is worth mentioning that the President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili immediately stated that the law is in force so that parliament can praise him.

< p>Similarly It was reported that the 11th quarter in the EU criticized the “Russian law” in the Georgian parliament, which indicated that the country’s membership in the bloc could be affected.

In addition, the European Parliament recently praised the resolution This is due to the scandalous bill on foreign agents in Georgia. In Brussels, they noted that the war could become a threat to the country’s accession to the EU.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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