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There are extremely difficult questions – Zavitnevich explained why the bill on mobilization will not be adopted in its original version

ByJohn Newman

Jan 8, 2024

On December 25, 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers registered a draft law tightening the mobilization process and military registration, as well as introducing changes to military service.

There are extremely difficult questions — Zavitnevich explained why the bill on mobilization will not be accepted in the original version

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About the fact that the Verkhovna Rada committee, responsible for issues of national security, defense and intelligence, will make a final decision regarding the mobilization bill on Tuesday, January 9, but not the first editorial office, writes NBN, referring to the official Facebook account of the head of this parliamentary structure, Alexander Zavitnevich.

According to Zavitnevich, the document on mobilization will not be accepted in the version in which it was submitted for consideration, since there is a whole list of debatable standards that are not approved by the committee members. At this stage, the key task of the committee members is to find a balance between the constitutional rights of citizens and the necessary measures to solve the problems of mobilization that limit these rights.

In addition, it is worth taking into account the possibilities of the economic sphere of Ukraine – appeared ” extremely complex questions” regarding financial support for mobilization, including sources of covering needs. That is, in general, certain norms of this draft law should undergo significant adjustments when considered in the Rada.

Earlier we wrote that when developing a bill on changing the mobilization process, the issue of attracting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine of Ukrainians located in other countries.


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