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In the evening, explosions occurred in Melitopol: the media reported that a vehicle was blown up along with Chechen “liberators”

ByJohn Newman

Jan 14, 2024

This evening information appeared on the Internet about explosions that occurred in temporarily occupied Melitopol.

Photo – rbc.ua

As NBN reports with reference to Ukrainian TG channels, in the evening information appeared that A vehicle was blown up in the city. This happened at approximately 19:30 on Gogol Street.

One of the TG channels reported that “Patriot” was blown up along with liberators of non-Slavic appearance. According to preliminary information, after the explosion the street was sealed off. It is also known that there were five occupants in the vehicle at the time of the explosion. After the explosion, one “liberator” remained alive, and four “went to fry with the devils.”

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