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Has the temporary protection of refugees in Poland been extended: the Ukrainian Embassy clarified the information

ByJohn Newman

Jan 19, 2024

The day before, the Polish “Office for Foreigners” informed that the mechanism for temporary protection of refugees, introduced by decision of the European Council since March of the year before last, was initially extended for 12 months, and now it will supposedly be valid until March 4 next year according to an identical decision, but everything turned out not as expected.

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Has the temporary protection been extended protection of refugees in Poland: the Ukrainian Embassy clarified the information

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About the fact that the neighboring state did not at all extend the temporary protection of Ukrainians who arrived in search of asylum as a result of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into our country, NBN writes, referring to the official Facebook account of the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland.

In particular, Ukrainians who have received temporary protection in Poland on the basis of the Special Law of March 12, 2022, that is, having a PESEL number with UKR status, will be able to stay on Polish territory for now only until March 4th of this year.

In addition, in accordance with the information published on January 16th on the official website of the Office for Foreigners of Poland, the validity period for certificates has been extended ;use of temporary protection (not PESEL-UKR) does not at all mean an increase in the duration of temporary protection for refugees who have PESEL-UKR.

Thus, the above extension affects only third-country citizens at the time full-scale aggression of the Russian Federation on a legal basis living in Ukraine and arriving in Poland, hiding from the war.

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