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Stalemate situation on the battlefield: the expert told what the Ukrainian Armed Forces need to turn the tide at the front

ByJohn Newman

Jan 19, 2024

Reserve Colonel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, military expert Pyotr Nedzelsky believes that a stalemate has developed at the front in Ukraine. The “Second Army of the World” lacks reserves, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces lack weapons, so Kyiv must demand from the West everything necessary for the defenders.

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 A stalemate on the battlefield: an expert told what the Ukrainian Armed Forces need to turn the tide at the front

Photo – facebook.com/JointForcesCommandAFU

In In an interview with OBOZ.UA, the expert commented on the words of Budanov’s deputy Vadim Skibitsky regarding the occupiers’ lack of reserves for an offensive in several directions. Nedzelsky agreed with the statement of the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the MOU, noting that for this the RF Armed Forces need to have an advantage of 3-5 times, NBN reports.

The colonel said that, despite the mobilization in the aggressor country, Putin’s army still does not have enough strength for an offensive. However, Ukraine cannot relax, since it is dealing with an enemy that has more population, equipment and weapons.

The expert recalled that the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces did not take place, since the defenders did not receive the necessary types of weapons from the West, in addition, The Russian Armed Forces still dominate the skies.

Nedzelsky believes that there is a stalemate at the front when neither the Defense Forces nor the invaders can advance. Therefore, to make a difference on the battlefield, the defenders need aviation, in particular F-16 fighters.

According to the colonel, Kyiv should not ask, but demand from the West to transfer the necessary weapons and equipment. The expert recalled that Ukraine’s allies did not fulfill the obligations they assumed to it according to the Budapest Memorandum.

Recall that the media reported Western forecasts regarding the duration of the Russian-Ukrainian war.


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