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Foreign Minister Kuleba voiced one of Ukraine’s goals and said that it is quite achievable

ByJohn Newman

Jan 27, 2024

Head of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba voiced one of the goals pursued by the Ukrainian state in the war against the aggressor of the Russian Federation.

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Foreign Minister Kuleba voiced one of Ukraine's goals and said that it is quite achievable

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As NBN reports, the Ukrinform material states that Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba believes that Ukraine’s goal of regaining control over the airspace, in particular thanks to F-16 fighters, is achievable.

Verbatim from Dmitry Kuleba’s statement:

Everything is very realistic. The war taught us this. If we do end up with F-16s, if we have our own combat and reconnaissance drones, and this is precisely the importance of our cooperation with Lithuania, if we have electronic warfare systems, as well as missiles, we will keep our skies under our control. And all this is quite achievable.

According to Kuleba, all these decisions will be implemented, and “there is nothing unprecedented about this, we just need to get all these elements in sufficient quantities and at the right time “.

Finally, Kuleba added that now the country’s authorities are working on exactly this. It is for this reason that the peace fund is very important; it will create additional opportunities and funds to provide such elements for Ukraine.  

We recall that earlier Kuleba spoke about the attitude of Ukraine’s friends towards Putin.


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