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Shevchenko invited high-ranking UEFA officials to Ukraine, calling on them to “open their eyes” to the actions of the Russian Federation

ByJohn Newman

Jan 27, 2024

Not so long ago, on January 25, Andrei Shevchenko was elected to the position of head of the Ukrainian Football Association (UAF), and almost immediately, the national legend promised fundamental changes in the approach to this sport in our country .

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About the purpose for which the newly appointed UAF President Andrei Shevchenko intends to invite sports functionaries from Europe to Ukraine, while potential visitors included Slovenian Aleksandr Ceferin (heads UEFA), who for some unknown reason fears the exit of the Ukrainian national team at the “European Championship 2024”, writes “NBN”, referring to the Sky Sports material.

According to Shevchenko, these invitations concern decision makers in UEFA, first of all This is President Čeferin, as well as employees of the executive and other committees who approve the return of the Russian Federation to football. It is these individuals who should personally come and see what Russia is doing with Ukraine, so to speak, “open their eyes” to the current, constantly worsening situation in the country.

Shevchenko emphasized that he does not see any reasons that allow players of a terrorist state to be returned to football:

I am against Russian athletes being returned to sports. In About 350 stadiums were destroyed in a few days ago there was a massive attack on Kiev.

Earlier we wrote that Shevchenko pointed out the country that became an example for him in the work as head of the UAF.


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