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An insider found out why one of the La Liga clubs was unable to lure Dynamo player Popov to Spain

ByJohn Newman

Jan 7, 2024

Denis Popov is a graduate of the Dynamo Kiev club, now playing as a central defender, and at the same time, he began his performances back in 2019, therefore he managed to take part in the 51st match, but in total “ scored only 8 goals. Nevertheless, some Spanish clubs showed high interest in “purchasing” the football player.

An insider found out why one of the La Liga clubs could not lure Dynamo player Popov to Spain

Photo – informator.ua

About the fact that the player of the capital club Popov had quite good chances of moving to Spain ;Spain, where he could test his own strength in the local championship, writes NBN, referring to the insider information of journalist Igor Burbas, published by the Informator publication.

As the insider learned, in the end 2023, Popova intended to outbid the Spanish Granada, but to acquire this position, the budget of the said club could allocate no more than 3 million euros. A little later, during the period of “private” discussions, the management of the Spanish club was presented with a fact—in the capital of Ukraine they want a much larger sum for Popov—9 million euros.

It is for this reason, Granada was forced to abandon even the official application for the Dynamo player, and eventually signed the Pole Pyantkovsky, who played for the Austrian Salzburg.

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