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Analysts showed how prices for vegetables from the “borscht set” have changed

ByJohn Newman

Jan 31, 2024

Not so long ago, the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry warned about the likelihood of the situation on the domestic market becoming more complicated in 2024 – some products, if they do not become scarce, will have an “exorbitant” cost, and, as it turned out that this forecast is beginning to come true.

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About the fact that on the domestic food market in our country, prices for potatoes continue to rise – the traditional component of borscht is now being sold, on average, 4 times more expensive than recorded in 2023, writes NBN, citing material from the profile publication East-Fruit .

According to agricultural analysts, the dynamics of growth in the cost of potatoes is now only gaining momentum—at the end of this month, the root crop went on sale at a price of 18-25 hryvnia/kilogram, and even without a retail markup (with) ;—from 30 hryvnia/kilogram), this is, on average, 12 percent more expensive when compared with last week.

However, the cost of vegetables from the “borscht set” has not remained “frozen” – the table variety of beets, as well as tomatoes, have not stopped rising in price due to a sharp reduction in the volume of supply. However, prices for white cabbage, garlic and carrots, after a short period of rising prices, began to decline again.

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