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Another restless night: in Russia they complained of a drone attack in four regions

ByJohn Newman

Jan 11, 2024

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and local authorities have complained about further UAV attacks. On the night of Thursday, January 11, four regions of the aggressor country came under drone attack. The department claims that the drones were allegedly shot down by air defense.

Another restless night: in Russia they complained of drone attacks in four regions

Photo – politring. com

The press service of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation reported that at night the Rostov, Kaluga and Tula regions were attacked by drones, NBN reports.

Traditionally, the Ministry of Defense stated that the air defense forces intercepted three UAVs over these regions and stopped an attempt by the “Kyiv regime” to carry out a “terrorist attack.” It also became known that the Voronezh region was also restless at night.

Governor Alexander Gusev complained in his Telegram channel that a drone had broken through the roof of a non-residential building in one of the region’s municipalities. The Putin official claims that as a result of the UAV strike there was no fire and no one was injured.

Note that on January 10, the Russian Federation complained about a drone strike in the Saratov region. It turned out that drones attacked the airfield of Putin's army in Engels.


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