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Apple will allow paid installation of third-party software: how much will it cost users

ByJohn Newman

Jan 26, 2024

This decision by the Cupertino company is a response to the EU requirements caused by the adoption of the Digital Markets Act, which is soon expected to introduce additional “guidelines” for installing applications downloaded from outside the Apple store.

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Apple will allow paid installation of third-party software: how much will it cost users

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About the fact that in accordance with the updated report, Apple plans to make adjustments to its own iOS 17.4, allowing users to install software not only from the AppStore, but also from external Internet sites. resources, but only after following certain rules and paying a fee for such an installation, writes NBN, referring to material from the Wccftech thematic portal.

According to information from insiders, it is not known exactly whether this will be a one-time payment for each “applet” or whether users will be asked to sign up for a subscription that will give them access to installing several applications. However, it is already possible to draw conclusions based on the experience of the Netherlands—in this country, Apple “removes” a commission of 27 percent from in-app purchases made through alternative payment systems: such information can serve as an example for understanding the pricing algorithm, which Americans will begin to use.

In addition, in what order Apple will rework its own platform for rolling out third-party applications, including the introduction of a 3-party payment system, is still little known, with the exception of one thing—changes will start after release of iOS 17.4, before the arrival of March 6th, as required by EU legislation.

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