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Atesh explained why the occupiers' air defense began to shoot down their planes more often in Crimea

ByJohn Newman

Apr 16, 2024

In the military movement of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars “Atesh” they explained why cases of “demilitarization” of occupiers’ aircraft by “friendly fire” of Russian air defense in the temporarily occupied Crimea have become more frequent.

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In “Atesh” “They said that the air defense of the “second army of the world” in Crimea is increasingly shooting down its air targets. Tension is growing among the invaders on the peninsula due to missile and drone attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, NBN reports.

Therefore, the leadership of the Russian Armed Forces ordered air defense crew commanders to shoot down threats, despite problems with the “friend or foe” target recognition system. . The occupiers are forced to carry out the order virtually manually, which results in the “demilitarization” of Putin’s aviation.

Agents of the military movement reported that such an incident occurred on March 28 in Sevastopol – the Pantsir air defense system “negated” the supersonic fighter Su- 27. On April 10, the Russians used the same weapon in the west of the peninsula to shoot down their Mi-24 Crocodile attack helicopter.

Recall that The Insider publication revealed the losses of aviation of the Russian occupation forces since the beginning of a full-scale war due to the “friendly fire” of their air defense forces.


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