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“ATESH” told why the occupiers refuse to attack the defense line of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kharkiv region

ByJohn Newman

May 11, 2024

Early on the morning of Friday, May 10, the Russian occupation forces tried to break through the defense positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Volchansky direction in the Kharkov region, but were driven back to their original positions by Ukrainian artillery fire, but did not stop attacking on several sectors of the front.

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Photo – 2day.kh.ua

About the fact that an agent of the Crimean resistance movement, serving in one of the motorized rifle battalions of the 44th Army Corps of Putin’s army, conveyed information – fighters from one of the departments flatly refused to go on assaults in the Kharkov region, writes “NBN”, referring to the official Telegram channel “ATESH”.

As it became known, the “liberators” from the above-described formation of the “second army of the world” have already managed get acquainted with the high-quality fortifications on the border of Ukraine and the terrorist state. In addition, the occupiers witnessed ineffective sabotage and reconnaissance actions carried out by Putin’s troops.

“ATESH” was added after new signs in the form of a “rhombus with” were applied to the armored vehicles of this department. cross,” and gave the order for the assault, some part of the unit refused to carry out the criminal will of the command, since “no one wants to go to one end for any money.”

We wrote earlier about that ISW analysts revealed the real goals of intensifying the Russian offensive in Kharkov region.


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