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Benefits for utilities: Ukraine has simplified the procedure for applying for assistance in 2024

ByJohn Newman

Jan 19, 2024

This year, the government of our country has revised the mechanism for assigning benefits for housing and communal services (HCS) for certain categories of the population.

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Benefits for utilities: Ukraine has simplified the procedure for obtaining assistance in 2024

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About the fact that the norms of the current legislation provide for a personal appeal of citizens to the social protection authorities to apply for preferential payment for housing and communal services, however, such restrictions do not apply to everyone, writes “ NBN”, referring to the material of the publication On Pensions.

In particular, from May 2024, after making a number of amendments, updated rules for the assignment of housing and communal services benefits will begin to work in Ukraine:

  • they will allow one of their family members to submit an application if the beneficiary himself cannot appear at the PFU;
  • you will not need to fill out two separate applications, but only one abbreviated about registering as a beneficiary/providing benefits;
  • the application can be sent not only in paper format, but in electronic —through the state portal “Diya”;
  • will reduce the amount of information required to assign benefits due to the introduction of electronic data exchange between the Ministry of Social Policy and the PFU.

We previously wrote about the fact that the Cabinet of Ministers changed the dates and the mechanism for calculating subsidies in 2024.


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