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Berlin offered its allies to buy the weapons Ukraine needs from the United States

ByJohn Newman

Apr 9, 2024

Head of the Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee Michael Roth believes that European allies of Ukraine could purchase the weapons necessary for the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the United States of America.

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Berlin offered the allies to buy the weapons Ukraine needs from the United States

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The German government representative does not believe that Ukraine lost the war, however, according to him, this would have happened in in the event of a lack of support from the allies, NBN reports with reference to n-tv.

According to the SPD politician, in the last few days and weeks it has become clear that the Russian Federation is relying on destruction rather than diplomacy . A terrorist state wants to destroy a neighboring country and what the world saw in Mariupol is now happening in Kharkov.

Roth recalled that Kyiv has been expecting help from the United States since the fall of 2023, so Europe must find quick solutions for Ukraine and pragmatic solutions.

In particular, the head of the Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee believes that partners should look at their own arsenals in order to send the country additional air defense systems. In addition, in his opinion, Ukraine’s allies could purchase the weapons it needs from the United States in order to quickly transfer them to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Bloomberg previously learned the likely timing of a vote in the US Congress on providing financial assistance to Ukraine.


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