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Biden does not believe in the possibility of a complete Israeli victory over Hamas

ByJohn Newman

May 14, 2024

US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell made the most outspoken statement from Washington that the American leadership does not believe in the possibility of a total Israeli victory over the Hamas group.

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Biden does not believe in the possibility of a complete victory Israel over Hamas

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At the NATO youth summit in Miami, the US Deputy Secretary of State said that in the US Presidential Administration there is no consider it possible for Israel to achieve the main goal – complete victory over the Hamas terrorists.

NBN reports this with reference to Kreschatic.

Campbell recalled that in Jerusalem officials mainly talk about their intention achieve complete victory on the battlefield over Palestinian militants. The American official believes that the White House does not believe in such a possibility and possibility.

The Washington representative added that this is similar to the situation that the United States faced in Iraq and Afghanistan after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. According to the official, many states want to see a “political solution.”

As reported, the Iranian Foreign Ministry criticized the European Union for imposing sanctions, calling the attack on Israel “self-defense.”


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