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Biden signs Ukraine aid bill

ByJohn Newman

Apr 24, 2024

The issue regarding the extension of funding to support Ukraine was delayed for almost 6 months by Republicans in the US Congress, but after adoption by the Lower House, and later by the Senate, the document was handed over to American leader Joseph Biden for signature.

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Biden signs Ukraine aid bill

Photo – pravda.com.ua

About this Wednesday, April 24, US President Joseph Biden “signed his autograph” to the draft law providing for the allocation of more than 60 billion dollars to assist Ukraine, writes NBN, referring to the video material broadcast on the official YouTube channel TheWhiteHouse.

According to the words Biden, today's Wednesday was a good day for the arrival of “peace in the world”, since a bill related to the allocation of military aid to Ukraine has just been signed. Such a decision will make life safer not only in America, but throughout the world, and will also help our partners [Ukraine] in protecting their sovereign territory.

In in particular, in  First of all, the United States intends to transfer ammunition for air defense, artillery and missile systems, without forgetting cargo with armored vehicles.

Earlier, our information portal wrote that Biden announced when he would sign the bill on ;help Ukraine, remembering Hamas and Putin.


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