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Bill on mobilization: the Rada reported what restrictions for draft dodgers were adopted by the Defense Committee

ByJohn Newman

Mar 13, 2024

The Parliamentary Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence rejected almost all unconstitutional provisions relating to citizens hiding from mobilization, with one exception.

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About the restriction in driving a vehicle for “evaders” that was left by people’s representatives, as well as how it will operate, writes NBN, citing information voiced by a member of the relevant committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Alexander Fedienko on the telethon on YouTube channel “TSN”.

According to Fedienko, a ban on the right to drive a car has been left, after which the policeman who stopped the vehicle and checked the driver’s license will definitely check with the corresponding registry [“Oberig”] to determine — Is the person avoiding mobilization? Then the law enforcement officer, in accordance with the Code of Administrative Offenses of Ukraine, which is likely to be amended, must exercise his powers (issuing a fine or detaining the violator).

In addition, the member The Defense Committee added – the possibility of introducing bans on the use of bank cards by “draft evaders” is not approved, since this would “cause panic when people began to withdraw cash from their bank accounts.”

We previously wrote , that the Tax Committee of the Rada is preparing to introduce blocking of citizens’ cards for “frequent transfers” of funds.


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