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Borrell sharply commented on the dispersal of demonstrators in Georgia

ByJohn Newman

May 1, 2024

The day before, April 30, police and special forces pushed back protesters near the Georgian parliament who were trying to hold another rally against the bill on “foreigners,” which local legislators were considering in the second reading (63 people were detained and 6 were injured).

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 Borrell sharply commented on the dispersal of demonstrators in Georgia

Photo – radiosvoboda.org

About what reasonable words came from the High Representative The European Union on Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, which condemned violent methods against demonstrators in Georgia, writes NBN, referring to the official X-account of Josep Borrell.

According to Borrell, he is decisive Condemns the violence against Georgian demonstrators who were peacefully protesting against the law regarding so-called “foreign influence.” In particular, the methods described above are unacceptable, since Georgia has become a candidate state for EU membership, and its authorities are obliged to ensure the right to peaceful assembly.

The EU's top diplomat emphasized:

The use of force to suppress them [protests] is unacceptable.

Earlier we wrote about how Borrell explained the importance of Ukraine receiving air defense from the EU, criticizing the “domestic policy” of the United States.


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