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Bratchuk told what advantages allow Ukrainian marines to hold Krynki in the Kherson region

ByJohn Newman

Apr 25, 2024

Not long ago, the defenders were able to make some progress near Krynki in the Kherson region, while continuing to maintain their occupied positions in this locality.

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Bratchuk told what advantages allow Ukrainian marines to hold Krynki in the Kherson region

Photo – facebook.com/GeneralStaff.ua

NBN writes about the fact that Ukrainian marines are courageously holding a captured bridgehead on the left bank of the Kherson region, citing information provided by the speaker of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army “South” Sergei Bratchuk, and published in Espresso.

According to Bratchuk, the Russian occupation forces are actually trying every day to send small assault groups to Krynki—over the past 24 hours, there have been 4 such attacks.

However, right now weather conditions influence the intensity of the use of drones on both sides: the use of drones is the main advantage of the Marines on these beachheads, but the basis is the courage of our soldiers.

In addition, not ;counter-battery warfare ceases—the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine works against the “liberators” so powerfully, “that in the radio interception the enemy groans from the work of our artillery, and they also hate our drones.”

Speaker of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army “South” added – the combat task of clearing Krynok was taken on by the paratroopers of Putin's army, but did not achieve any success, since the occupiers were not given equipment.

Bratchuk summarized:

They don’t have enough people, so they are forced to go to the Russian motorized rifles, offering them money. So that they would be part of the assault group, that is, it would be like a “landing assault.”

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that the State Border Service revealed the details of the battle with Russian saboteurs in Sumy region.


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