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British intelligence assessed the likelihood of a “high turnout” in the Russian presidential elections at the WOT of Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Mar 13, 2024

The process of “voting” in the pseudo-elections of the President of the Russian Federation in the temporarily occupied territories (TOT) of Ukraine began ahead of schedule – the Russian “authorities” are trying hard to attract local residents to “express their will”.

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British intelligence assessed the likelihood of a 'high turnout' in the Russian presidential elections in Ukraine

Photo – ukrinform.ua

About the fact that the occupation administrations will certainly announce a “high turnout” of the Ukrainian population for the illegal presidential elections in the Russian Federation, regardless of the actual voting results, NBN writes, referring to the official X-account of the UK Ministry of Defense.

As it became known, to carry out the tasks described above, 2 600 Russian officials arrived in Lugansk, whose goal was to visit households while simultaneously putting pressure on residents to take part in Putin’s re-election. In addition, the leadership of educational and other government institutions was ordered to ensure the turnout of their subordinates for the “elections.”

British military intelligence analysts are confident that there will be no independent observers at these elections, as well as a refusal to form lists voters in at least one city increase the likelihood of falsification of this process.

Also, the Russian Federation does not have legitimate grounds for holding elections in the territories of Ukraine, and trust in the “expression of will” is further undermined ignoring proper representation, low levels of security and measures aimed at forcing the population to vote, thus creating the illusory nature of the “democratic choice”.

Earlier we wrote about what Gumenyuk said was approaching pseudo-elections in the Russian Federation affected the activity of Putin’s army in the Kherson region.


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